Achieving Omnichannel Excellence - Remarkable Commerce & Moss Bros, at Ecommerce Expo 2022

Achieving Omnichannel Excellence - Remarkable Commerce & Moss Bros, at Ecommerce Expo 2022

Published on 2022-09-27 by Brad Houldsworth

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This best practice session explores how businesses can move further along their omnichannel journey to achieve true excellence.

What we cover is:

  • How to make the case for omnichannel in your business

  • What are the success factors for omnichannel

  • What data challenges you will likely face and how to swerve them

  • How technology can make an impact on omnichannel strategies and

  • How the customer can benefit from omnichannel activities

This session is really for both young omnichannel businesses and mid-sized retailers looking to connect their online and offline elements of their business

Also, I’m delighted to say that we have a true modern omnichannel retailer ready to give you some tips and advice - and that is Bryony Tagg, who is the Senior Ecommerce Manager at Moss Bros. She kindly stepped in today, as Matt Henton had an emergency meeting so had to bail out.

Here is a short agenda for what we’re going to discuss and lean into:

  • Making the case: What are some of the main benefits for businesses considering the move to omnichannel?

  • Success factors: What are the key enablers and barriers to an effective omnichannel strategy and how have other businesses overcome obstacles to achieve success?

  • Integrating data: How can businesses track customers across multiple touchpoints to gain a complete picture of behaviour and performance and why is this single customer view so critical?

  • The role of technology: From digitally powered in-store experiences to contactless shopping and livestreaming and what are some of the ways in which technology can bridge the gap between physical and digital retail?

  • Driving customer engagement: How can companies use an omnichannel strategy to drive customer loyalty and retention?

About half way through this session, we have a spotlight slide on Moss’s omnichannel strategy and what business elements really drive that. So keep your eyes pealed!

Click here to download the slides