Google’s Mobile Shake Up

Google’s Mobile Shake Up

Published on 2015-03-12 by Brad Houldsworth

The next Google update nicknamed by many as ‘Mobilegeddon’ is set to take action from 21st April, 2015; with Google themselves kindly giving an actual announcement and release date this time round!

Google mobile friendly updateAs of April 21st, Google will change the way websites are ranked on mobile device results pages (M-SERP’s). This update is solely for mobile searches, not desktop results. Therefore if your customers use Google to search for your site on their phone and your site isn’t mobile friendly – they may struggle to find you on SERP’s from the 21st onwards.

As well as what we believe to be other smaller algorithm changes, Google have already started using a customer facing ‘Mobile-Friendly’ tag on results pages, as shown on the right.

On average, 44% of customers visiting our client’s websites are doing so from their mobiles, with many going onto either checkout or continue shopping on desktop; either way, your site needs to be mobile friendly for your customers to shop from their phones.

We believe the divide between desktop and mobile search results will continue to widen, with this Google update showing how results are dependant upon device type; it makes us think that not only will a site’s accessibility be reviewed but also the metrics for each device opening will be considered more than ever. This means your site doesn’t only have to look good on every device, but deliver strong results regardless of screen size as well.

Be ready for a ‘Shake Up’ because we think this mobile update is the first of many for mobile search.

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