40% of Online Sales are now made on Mobile Devices

40% of Online Sales are now made on Mobile Devices

Published on 2016-02-02 by Bradlie Houldsworth

Throughout the last 5 years we have seen mobile use slowly increase year-on-year, but over the last 2 years there has been a sharp rise in sales on mobile devices. Now more than ever, it is imperative for retailers who are wishing to be successful online to have a fully optimised mobile site. Below we will explain how the data stacks up and further, how to be ready for the “mobile/tablet-storm”.

Drapers recently reported that m-commerce activity between October and January 2015 shows 40% of all online sales are made on a mobile device, this figure is 8% up on the year previous and shows signs of increasing even more-so this year.

“The mobile storm is coming”

Out of 40% mobile sales, 75% were via tablet and 25% on screens smaller than 6″. This means if you wish your brand to stay performing well regardless of screen sizes, you need a well optimised site. Otherwise, can you cope with a 40% reduction in sales?

The UK’s shoppers are set to spend £14.95 billion via mobile devices in 2015, an increase of 77.8% on £8.41 billion in 2014, while desktop spending will grow by just 2%. Across all of our clients with responsive sites, 35-40% are tablet users and 10-20% are mobile searchers – with very similar percentage splits for amount of transactions. These stats have increased 3 fold since 12 months ago.

This differs quite dramatically against eCommerce websites which are not optimised, where conversion rate is roughly half of desktop conversion rate. Therefore, any retailer which decides to upgrade their online presence can expect transactions to increase by at least 10%. Considering this sales improvement, a retailer’s return-on-investment would be positive almost instantly.

Get ready for the mobile storm, because by 2017 we predict that mobile will be close to overtaking desktop online shopping.

Remarkable Commerce’s Marketing Executive Bradlie Houldsworth advises to keep your optimisation consistent; from acquisition to checkout, keep in mind that 95% of mobile shoppers want to buy within the hour they begin searching – keep it simple and not distracting.

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