Moss Bros get a good vibe with our optimisation microservices

Moss Bros get a good vibe with our optimisation microservices

Published on 2020-03-13 by Polly Oakes

Remarkable Commerce has recently received glowing feedback from Moss Bros’ Head of eCommerce, Matt Henton, for our Remarkable Commerce Manager.

Matt gave the following testimony:

‘For us, the Remarkable Commerce Manager has completely revolutionised the way we work…for the better! We used to have many systems that didn’t work well together all plugged in to our site, causing speed issues and management inefficiency, now it’s all managed from a central system and does everything better than the individual systems did. I can’t recommend the Remarkable Commerce Manager enough for any online retailer out there looking for next gen control of their eCommerce platform.’

It was thanked by our Strategy Manager Brad Houldsworth:

‘We’re proud that a prestigious brand such as Moss Bros acknowledge the quality of our technology, as it has had such a positive impact on their business. We continue to offer a high-quality service to all current and new clients in the future.’

Remarkable Commerce Manager

The Remarkable Commerce Manager is the UK’s first eCommerce transformation tool that gives back full control to the retailer. It is a suite of revolutionary tools that can be added to any transactional website as a plugin, will lead to rapid growth. In essence, the Remarkable Commerce Manager is a merchandising tool, that not only contains five powerful tools for marketing and merchandising teams, but can drive the core elements behind any commerce website including navigation/menu areas, homepage design, site search performance and category lists.

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