Moss Bros. launch new fully responsive platform

Moss Bros. launch new fully responsive platform

Published on 2016-07-09 by Brad Houldsworth

At Remarkable Commerce we are very excited to be sharing this project with you, after working closely with Moss Bros. over the past few months, in June 2016 we have launched their new website. Although the visual aesthetic has clearly been refreshed, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that makes Moss Bros.’ online presence a step ahead of the competition.

We worked very closely with the team at Moss Bros. building upon the strong relationship we have formed since we first started working together in 2012. Employing the expertise of PRWD a user experience testing agency, extensive research and testing was conducted on the old platform to identify weaker areas of the website such as checkout flow and providing valuable professional and user based information to reference during the design process.

All key areas of the new design were meticulously wired-framed as many brand new features were being included. All new additions were based on improving user experience through the site, from scrolling images on listing pages to the new one-page checkout – all with the aim of reducing friction and improving conversion rate.

A lot of detail went into the categorisation structure of products, and customers see personalised filter layouts based on their most frequently used filters on category pages. Creating new listing pages and child categories, and segmenting their vast product range ensures customers can find the product they are after more easily. These clearly defined groups of products allow for improved organic search performance, decreased exit rates and more developed merchandising opportunities in the long term.


Click here to visit the new Moss Bros. site

Previously, Moss Bros. maintained two separate desktop and mobile websites, and moving to this responsive platform has huge advantages including easier maintenance, cohesive design across devices, and manageable data analysis, allowing for a fully multi-channel view which both Moss Bros. and Remarkable Commerce were aiming for.

Moss Bros. are one of the most established names in men’s suits and tailoring, and with a strong high street presence the new website is designed to look and feel inline with their bricks and mortar stores, giving Moss Bros. a strong omnichannel presence. Moss Bros. had 2000 images reshot to complete the new seamless product page design and nearly all products received new descriptions to further enrich products.

The most notable achievement of this project is has become the 1st Ecommerce site in the UK to be a fully Progressive Web App (PWA) (PWA). This behaviour is the future of many websites, going beyond being just a responsive website, a PWA allows mobile device push notifications to a users devide and the ability to install / add an icon to your mobile home screen without being a separately installed application . On top of this, a PWA needs to be fast and secure all of which the new site delivers on. With these features, Moss Bros. has become the 1st Ecommerce site in the UK to be a fully Progressive Web App.

The Remarkable Commerce Moss Bros. team lead Matt offered the following comments:

“The new Responsive ecommerce solution gives Moss Bros more control over their websites – built a single code base that integrates further with their new Dolfin system, to provide richer Product data. This allows for less maintenance and code repetition, giving us more time to focus on new developments to further enhance the new websites. This is the first step to a more integrated Moss Bros experience for Customers and we’re excited to continue working closely with the brand to develop and deliver this.”

With a recent glowing review in Econsultancy, the new International Moss Bros. platforms are head and shoulders above their competitors, with results already looking extremely positive.