The eCommerce Catch-up – Episode 2

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Published on 11/06/19 by James Vjestica.

Are you interested to find out what is happening in the retail industry in terms of eCommerce and the overall customer experience? In June’s edition of our monthly retail news round-up, Brad Houldsworth (Strategy, Innovation & Operations) and Polly Oakes (Product Marketing Assistant) discuss this month’s outstanding topics including:

  • Fortnite’s collaboration with Nike
  • Whether Smart Glasses are getting smarter
  • Boots’ new online journey
  • And more!

Check out what they had to say by either clicking on the video or reading the full transcript below!

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Brad: Hello. Welcome to the second episode of Remarkable Commerce’s eCommerce catch up with myself Brad and the lovely Polly

Polly: Hello!

Brad: How you been?

Polly: I’ve been great thank you, Brad, how are you?

Brad: Yeah, I’m alright ta, I’m alright. So, these monthly catch ups are us chatting about all of the stuff going on in the eCommerce world over the past month or so. What are we chatting about today Pol?

Polly: Well, today we’ve got some big topics –

Brad: Ok

Polly: – Whether Smart Glasses are getting smarter, fortnight’s bought in some new signature kicks by Nike and the new online journey by Boots.

Brad: Awesome

Polly: Yeah

Brad: Let’s get into it

Polly: Cool

Brad: So, Google Glass, tell me what’s going on with Google Glasses.

Polly: Well, they’ve just recently bought out a brand new addition for enterprises –

Brad: Cool

Polly: – Basically, it’s offering better battery life, being able to charge in only seventeen minutes –

Brad: Ok

Polly: – Which is super quick –

Brad: That’s impressive

Polly: – They’ve got an increased processing power and also they’re built on Android, so they’re so much easier to integrate all different services and API’s no matter what your business currently has, just all within those Google Glasses –

Brad: Awesome, cool

Polly: – And DHL, they’ve just recently bought into those –

Brad: Oh awesome. How are they using them?

Polly: – So, it’s for their warehouse pickers, just being able to make smarter moves, they you know, with the increased capacity of how they work, they’re being able to figure out more complex products are –

Brad: Ok, So, they put them on and then they walk around the warehouse to work out where certain things are in the warehouse, is that how it works?

Polly: – Yeah –

Brad: – Ok

Polly: – I mean, they’ve got an augmented reality based, kind of, technology, so I presume it would give you, like paths to take, give you knowledge on what the products are for you to pick them and box them and ship them out.

Brad: That’s clever. So, I guess you’d reduce time in training staff, because you could just give them a pair of glasses and say ‘walk in that direction’, you know, to find this certain location or give them paths through the warehouse. That’s pretty clever.

Polly: Exactly, I mean they’ve seen, that work productivity has increased by 15 percent already –

Brad: That’s good, that’s good –

Polly: – Which is amazing

Brad: Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Cool. So, Nike have brought to market a set of digital products working closely with Fortnight, the ‘Epic Games’, er, game released back in 2017. So, Nike have brought this set of trainers to the game where people can, when they’re on the game, buy these shoes for like twenty dollars or something. Is that right?

Polly: Yeah. I mean it ranges from about $13 to $18 and I presume that the more you spend the more limited-edition you’re going to be getting –

Brad: Yeah –

Polly: -So, what Nike have done is basically wanted to create that buzz, you know, those people who start camping around, you know, when a brand new ‘Air Force’ or ‘Air Max’ or whatever –

Brad: And they camp outside a, camp outside a ‘Foot Asylum’ or whatever

Polly: – Huge queues, so long. I feel sorry for them, especially when it’s raining.

Brad: [Laughing] Well, they don’t have to

Polly: That is pure loyalty

Brad: Yeah it is. It is true, yeah

Polly: But, they just wanted to create that buzz, erm, digitially, and be able to spread a bit of brand awareness.

Brad: Yeah, well I guess it’s the target market isn’t it? Like the people that play Fortnight, what type of age would you say they are?

Polly: I would probably say the majority of people are around 13 to probably 24 or 26 –

Brad: Yeah, yeah, yeah

Polly: – Which is the perfect place for them

Brad: Ideal demographic for that type of product isn’t it?

Polly: Yeah

Brad: Yeah

Polly: So, local to us, in Nottingham, Boots have recently been investing a lot more money into their digital online journey.

Brad: Okay what’ve been doing?

Polly: So, you know their advantage card?

Brad: Very common

Polly: Their amazing loyalty scheme –

Brad: Yep, yep.

Polly: – Probably one of the best in the entire country.

Brad: Really good meal deals as well, Boots

Polly: Yes

Brad: Boots meal deals are like [hand gesture of approval]

Polly: Healthy and tasty

Brad: They’re great

Polly: [Laughs] Brilliant. But this advantage card, they’ve had an app for a while now and they’ve literally only just recently been able to put the advantage card on to that app, so you know if you forget your card you can scan your phone –

Brad: Yeah, ok

Polly: It just makes that kind of data, you know that data that they wanted to collect even more widely available to people.

Brad: I guess it’s that kind of omnichannel journey, isn’t it, because they’re trying to obviously bring an offline customer with an advantage card to an online environment and let them use the points either either –

Polly: Yeah, definitely

Brad: – I wonder how they’re going to actually market products that they bought across both journeys then do you think they’re going to start introducing some type of digital screens in stores where you can kind of see product recommendations or something, or?

Polly: I mean, I know they are doing a lot of personalised offers and this is really going to help with that, so, with the personalised offers you’re going to get notifications sent straight to your phone saying ‘hey, look we’ve got a meal deal for two pounds, we know you buy them quite often’ –

Brad: Guilty

Polly – [Laughs] and then you’re going to come in store because that’s the only place you can get them and be able to buy them, they’re just, it’s just good to drag so many more people in –

Brad: Yeah, yeah

Polly: – Especially with digital being something where most companies are investing even more in, it’s really nice to see Boots, even though they’ve just closed 200 stores invest in that time and effort and money into their online journey.

Brad: Yeah, really good. It’s really good. What else have they been up to, Boots?

Polly: So, they brought their prescriptions online, so you know you repeat prescriptions you can simply go on both the website and the app to order them as either ‘click and collect’ or straight to your door.

Brad: That’s useful

Polly: It’s really good, you know, you don’t want to be queuing in line for, what, 10, 15, 20 minutes. And they’ve also, just to maximize that journey for the customer, they’ve brought in an express lane.

Brad: Okay, what, just for people that have prescribed online?

Polly: Yeah, so those people who are coming to collect those things, they’re not going to have to wait in the queue, they’re going to be there ready for you to collect and ready for you to pick up, so it’s just going to be an in-and-out journey but also what you’ve got to think about is when they’re coming in store to collect those they’re going to be able to see, or even just online, it’s bringing those people to them. So, you’re going to have more chance to sell things to be able to capture their eye with different products.

Brad: Great truth, great truth and I guess that’s the whole long omnichannel piece as well isn’t it bringing that online customer to an offline environment and vice versa, online to offline, interesting. Good work Boots!

Polly: Well done!


Brad: Some other news going on recently; our client Ben Sherman have recently announced firstly that they’ve partnered with the Team GB to do all of their clothing for the Tokyo Olympics next year which is really cool. Also, they’re thinking about getting back into women’s wear. So, many years ago Ben Sherman used to sell women’s wear and accounted for about 10% of sales, so they’re now thinking about getting back into it which is interesting. They recently released their new German website which is performing really well but women’s wear could be a new angle for Ben Sherman.

Polly: That is really strange, I mean, I do see them around a lot, you know for men – TK Maxx and stuff but I’ve never seen in my lifetime anyway.

Brad: No, no. Many years ago.

Polly: [Laughs] Sorry

Brad: [Laughs] Cheers Pol. So, browsing around this month we’ve found some interesting features on certain websites; Weird Fish have got some really funky stuff going on with the filters, so if I show you here we jump on to a category such as new styles –

Polly: Yeah

Brad: – Scroll down, and perhaps filter by large like this –

Polly: Okay

Brad: So, I’m now looking at – and that was fast, that’s quite fast site – we’re now looking at products that have got size large in stock. If I then jump into another category such as accessories my filter stays with me so that the cash in the filter between different categories, which is cool, except it doesn’t work with accessories because of course I’m not on to find books, well bags and wallets and belts. So, it’s a bit of a weird journey because I’ve like, applied a filter to one category and it’s worked and if I went to, you know, a different like, er, polos for example, I might actually prefer a smaller size in a polo shirt versus, like, a jumper that I might like in extra-large. So yeah, although it’s quite cool feature I’m not overly convinced on the application, it doesn’t seem that it really works.

Polly: I feel like they’re going to have to be a bit more selective with where they do it, you know, with people they have different shapes of bodies –

Brad: Well that’s it, yeah, yeah.

Polly: – and it doesn’t work, you know, if you’re looking for tops to trousers.

Brad: Doesn’t work, doesn’t work. Nice idea, wrong application.

Polly: Yeah

Brad: What else we got going on? So, we got Beauty Pie.

Polly: Yeah, so, I came across this one. Yesterday I believe it was. So, I was looking for a new foundation and I’ve got one that I’ve been faithful to for many years now and I thought ‘ok, it’s getting a bit pricey, time to cut back’ and I came across this website called Beauty Pie. So, what they do is they’re like a subscription-based discount company, so you pay a certain subscription of credits to get discounted products on things that are made in luxury factories. You’re getting good stuff for your money basically and thought let’s have a look at the foundations and see what they have and they have this fine my shade tool where you basically say what your current brand is, the product that you use, and the shade that you’re currently using and then they match it up to what their colours are and say the best colour for you.

Brad: That’s cool, that’s cool. It’s like a fit finder tool but for makeup?

Polly: For makeup, exactly, which is great for you know for online purchases, just what you want because you can’t have that in-store experience where you test it on your arm, seeing them on daylight, but you know what your current foundation is like, so it’s balancing it out. It’s really cool.

Brad: It’s a good idea, it’s a good idea. I wonder if they’re other products then that have got, like, a real loyal fan base to a particular brand where they could do like a cross comparison type of tool like this, because this obviously works, between different product types.

Polly: That’d be interesting

Brad: So, that’s all for this month thanks for watching. That’s been our second ecommerce catch-up. Give this video a ‘like’, give us a comment if you want to tell us anything –

Polly: Or subscribe if you really want to bush the boat out [laughs]

Polly: See ya!

Brad: – [laughs] We’ll see you next month. See ya.

Brad: Bye

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