All Terrain Cycles
"Our experience with the team at Remarkable has been great."
Tony Booth, All Terrain Cycles

The All Terrain Cycles eCommerce site continues to grow year-on-year alongside the bricks and mortar store sales.

Established in 1907 - All Terrain Cycles are experts at selling bikes of all kinds.

The All Terrain Cycles store is one of the largest and best-stocked shops in the country with an extensive range of leading brands from all the various cycling disciplines available to touch, feel and often even try before purchase. With over 1000 kids and adult bikes in stock at any one time, All Terrain Cycles offer all the choice you need.
All Terrain Cycles

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Client testimonial

"Our experience with the team at Remarkable has been great and we are looking forward to some significant growth this year." Tony Booth, All Terrain Cycles

How we helped our client

All Terrain Cycles was built using the latest technologies and includes a custom wheel builder to allow customers to design and order specific components on their wheels. V12 finance was integrated into the site with some custom sliders to offer as much flexibility as possible to the user. The site also includes the option to view the availability of demo bikes in their stores.

Features and Achievements

  • Custom Wheel Builder development
  • Content Management system with drag-and-drop
  • Promotion and campaign management platform
  • Mailchimp Integration for Email Marketing
  • Automatic Price Prevention System
  • V12 Finance integration
  • StoreFront System

Integrations and Technologies


Remarkable platform results

The All Terrain Cycles ecommerce site continues to grow year on year alongside the bricks and mortar store sales.

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