Ben Sherman
"The Remarkable team have really lived up to our expectations and have delivered a fantastic new web platform......"
Andrew Thomson, Director

In the weeks following launch of the new Ben Sherman site we have tracked an immediate 34% increase in sales compared to the previous Magento powered site.

Celebrating the 'Heritage of Modernism' for five decades, the legendary global lifestyle brand Ben Sherman.

Ben Sherman is an international clothing company with British roots, selling shirts, sweaters, suits, outerwear, shoes and accessories predominantly for men.
Ben Sherman

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Client testimonial

"The Ben Sherman brand has gone through a major transition that needed to take place in a very short space of time. The Remarkable team have really lived up to our expectations and have delivered a fantastic new web platform that is fast, responsive, incredibly easy to use and is fully integrated with our internal systems for stock and merchandising management" Andrew Thomson, Director

How we helped our client

Marquee Brands LLC acquired Ben Sherman in July 2015 and subsequently we were asked to redevelop the UK online presence and so our team hand-built a new platform from scratch using our platform and technologies.

The new responsive ecommerce website has been launched in March 2016 and we are proud that this is a platform that befits such an iconic brand. The new site is now incredibly fast and easy to use with a much improved customer journey, basket and checkout.

The site has also been fully integrated with the internal ERP process platform called Oasys and the Ben Sherman management team have clear end to end visibility of stock, logistics and merchandising for the brand throughout the business.

Features and Achievements

  • Fully integrated with the clients internal systems for stock management and order processing
  • Full Amazon UK and EBay Integration
  • Advanced Filter and Search Systems
  • Matches Store Offers using advanced promotion systems
  • Communicator Integration for subscribers
  • Affiliate windows integration.
  • Fully controllable CMS home page for offers

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Remarkable platform results

There has been over 100,000 more visitors to the All Terrain Cycles site in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015 along with a considerable increase in sales.