Efficiency East Midlands

EEM is a non-profit organisation offering efficiency savings for the public sector and all public sector bodies are free to join. Our current Members include Councils, ALMO’s, Housing Associations, Hospitals, Universities and Emergency Services. EEM’s priority is to support all Members in their common goal – to provide efficiently delivered and high quality products and services to the communities they serve.

EEM was formed in July 2010 when the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) approached Pete Smith (EEM MD) who was working at Nottingham City Homes at the time. The idea behind EEM was that if Landlords joined together and brought in bulk, massive savings could be made. So there we have it, EEM was born with 5 Member Organisations.

5 years on and EEM now have 37 Member Organisations (48 as October 2015) maintaining over 400,000 properties whist also supporting the NHS and Regional Police.

How we helped our client

EEM approached Remarkable in 2014 to develop a new website for the business that was professional but also had a modern and friendly style.

We developed their new site and incorporated vibrant images and colour alongside a very easy to use navigation with clear copy. The new site was also developed using Wordpress so following training the EEM management team can now easily make any changes they need to the site.

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