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Replatforming away from your existing eCommerce platform and architecture can be a daunting task for many, often avoided at all costs and even at the detriment to online sales. However, since 1999, Remarkable have re-platformed hundreds of retailers off their previous technology and successfully moved them onto the Remarkable Commerce platform. Find information below regarding our previous re-platform projects.

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Magento eCommerce Replatform

Over the last several years, Magento has repositioned itself in the market many times, releasing various versions and editions. In 2019, they were purchased by Adobe and are rumoured to be soon dropping many of their community-driven USPs. Many retailers move away from Magento due to slow load speeds, with many Remarkable clients previously using Magento as their eCommerce platform.

In a standard migration process, all data held by a retailer (including product data, category architecture, promotion and campaign configurations, customer and order data, content pages and banners across all pages) will be copied and setup in the Remarkable platform, ahead of time, before the new platform is pushed to production.

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Shopify eCommerce Replatform

Replatforming is a bold decision and especially hard if Shopify is the existing platform a retailer is moving away from. There are many reasons a retailer may want to move off Shopify, with the most common reasons being inflexible, restrictive and difficult to tailor any specific areas.

Many Ex-Shopify retailers who contact Remarkable Commerce about a Remarkable platform are underperforming, which is often realised when their Remarkable platform is released – where business processes immediately become more efficient, customers are happier and conversion rate immediately improves.

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Oracle NetSuite eCommerce Replatform

Previously known as Venda Inc, and purchased by Oracle in 2014, NetSuite’s eCommerce platform is enterprise-level and used by multi-channel retailers who typically started with their ERP solution and migrated to use their eCommerce proposition out of ease. It is often quickly realised that NetSuite is powerful yet overly complex, and relatively good value, yet extremely difficult to maintain.


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PrestaShop eCommerce Replatform

With no official support team, extremely limited functionality and out of date front-end development, the clients who have moved off PrestaShop and onto Remarkable have experienced a completely new world of eCommerce. PrestaShop is mostly open-source, allowing for any retailer to take the original, outdated, back-end platform and tailor it for their benefit.

Replatforming away from Prestashop can be intimidating, however, our clients have seen smooth migrations with conversion and customer engagement both immediately improving.


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Remarkable Commerce gives you the power to deliver unique online shopping experiences that resonate, exceed customer expectations and smash sales targets.

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