Commerce gives you the power to deliver unique online shopping experiences that resonate, exceed customer expectations and smash sales targets.

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We have been building websites and eCommerce technology since 1999 and have distilled our expertise into our central core product that is the engine behind our clients success – FUSN Commerce. Having worked closely with our retailers for many years, we know what it takes to be successful online.

By combining the flexibility of the cloud with a rich suite of advanced digital functionality, FUSN gives you the power to deliver unique online shopping experiences that resonate, exceed customer expectations and smash sales targets.

  • Deliver rich, strategic and personalised shopping experiences across every device
  • Allows for complete agility – roll out continuous innovations without any disruption
  • Complete omni-channel capability – online, stores, POS, ERP, inventory
  • Industry leading performance – our sites are incredibly fast and high converting
  • Offload IT responsibility to us – we look after the technology and platform 24/7
  • Adapt and overcome any challenge – storefronts are tailored to any specific requirements
  • Scalability - among many success stories our platform and team has helped grow one client from £1m to over £65 million in under 8 years.
Ben Sherman sales increasedMoss Bros ecommerce sales increased by over 30% in the last 12 months, and has been served to over 3 million more visitors.
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Why choose FUSN commerce platform?

Product Information Management (PIM)

The FUSN product information management (PIM) module gives you the tools you need to ensure that your product data is easy to access and accurate across all commerce channels and marketplaces.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

FUSN comes with digital asset management (DAM) as standard and allows for one easy to manage location for all media assets, including images, graphics, documents, videos, logos, audio files and any other required media content.

Order Management System (OMS)

FUSN order management system (OMS) module allows control over the entire order placement cycle with management for fulfilment path, alert orders, returns process, order notification emails, split orders, RMA processes and more across multiple fulfilment centres as required.

Customer Data Module (CDM)

The FUSN Customer Data Module (CDM) enables you to store and manage master data records of all your customers in one easy to use interface. Including features for customer data management, segmentation, personalisation, and marketing automation all in one place.

Content Management (CMS)powered by Vybe

Control your entire FUSN commerce content with Vybe content management (CMS). Anyone with basic IT skills can manage all content, pages, layouts, design layered banners using drag and drop functionality and much more.

On-site search with autocompletepowered by Vybe

Vybe Search is a lightning-fast site search facility including autocomplete and much more. Easily deployed within any FUSN site, Vybe Search can make a big difference to conversion as your visitors will be able to instantly find what they are looking for.

Visual Merchandisingpowered by Vybe

Vybe visual merchandising allows retailers to easily merchandise using powerful techniques along with machine learning and deploy strategies that lead to significant increases to conversion and sales.

Advanced checkout formula

We have defined our own highly successful strategy for the best basket and checkout experience resulting in minimised abandonment and maximum sales conversion.

Powerful promotions module

FUSN has a flexible rules-based promotions module providing advanced out-of-the-box functionality to help you convert and re-engage more customers.

Multi-channel marketplace capability

No need for a third party in order to sell via channels like Amazon and eBay – FUSN comes with all the tools you could need in order to publish, optimise, sell and process all orders via each marketplace in the UK and abroad.

International commerce

FUSN makes the most of international commerce opportunities with a variety of customisations including: product translations, technical marketing for overseas territories, international sizing, currency adjusting, territory specific taxes, international VAT, global shipping and carrier integrations and much more.

Omni-channel click, reserve & collect

FUSN provides the seamless omni-channel experience that the modern customer has come to expect from retailers with both an online and offline presence. From advanced EPOS integration, mobile click reserve and collect and much more.

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Advanced reporting suite

Our intuitive reporting suite within FUSN allows our clients to turn their data into valuable insights that help them to drive growth.

Advanced reports are available as standard however our team build specific reporting which is tailored to each and every client. We also heavily integrate with many external analytics tools and show deep insight with the blending of visitor and ecommerce data and more.

Progressive and native app development

The expert team at Remarkable create the best experience for your customers browsing on mobile devices; either via a Progressive Web App (PWA), native app or both. There are many benefits from harnessing these latest mobile technologies and especially if blended into a seamless solution with the FUSN eCommerce platform

Progressive web apps are a powerful combination of mobile web and native apps that combine the features, functionalities and benefits of both such as Push Notifications and Offline Browsing. On the other hand, Native apps are built from scratch with unique functionality tailor made for the device and either iOS or Android operating systems.

A tailor-made mobile enhanced journey

Some technology providers only specialise in front-end development which is effectively what a customer sees – the website. Others develop back-end systems which would be the website administration area. At our team are experts in both. We create beautifully crafted websites using responsive HTML, CSS and Javascript. We have a great track record of creating eCommerce websites that deliver an exceptional user experience across all browsers and devices.

Integrating your online store with the worlds leading technologies

FUSN is extremely well connected with over a hundred third party systems from payment gateway providers, couriers, EPOS providers, and many more along with any internal software systems.

Adyen Payments Made Easy
Affiliate Window
Collect +
Rackspace Hosting
Retail Pro, Serious Software for Serious Retailers
Royal Mail
Sage Pay
Uk Mail, Express Parcels & Mail
Webgains, Results Through Relationships
Retail Assist
Oracle + Bronto

FUSN cloud and dedicated hosting

Having hosted hundreds of clients for over twenty years, we operate a highly successful co-managed environment for our clients. Utilising the latest technologies via our partnership with Hyve – one of the largest managed hosting providers in the world, we can offer scalable solutions to cope with even the most demanding traffic spikes.

With a tailored hosting facility for your FUSN commerce platform based on your specific traffic and usage requirements, from multi-tenanted, managed, cloud through to dedicated – we offer the ideal tailored hosting facility from launch and then support you on a 24/7 basis.

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