5 signs that you have outgrown your eCommerce platform

5 signs that you have outgrown your eCommerce platform

Published on 2020-09-29 by Gemma Nickerson

When it comes to building a multi-million pound digitally-focused business, having the right eCommerce platform is crucial for success, yet many companies feel the limitations of inadequate systems and struggle to convince their board to invest in a new platform. One of the most common reasons for eCommerce replatforming is simply outgrowing your current platform.

Manual processes and never ending integration issues can easily take up precious time and resources – that can mean  significant maintenance costs on-top of your platform’s commission fee. So when do the cost of system maintenance and process limitations become so tremendous that you can’t afford to update your current systems?

Your platform should scale with your business. If you’re customising it to handle basic functionality, and calling developers for every update, it may no longer be the right platform for you. Read on for five telltale signs that confirm it is now time to move to a more efficient eCommerce technology architecture that will better support your growing business.

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