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Remarkable Commerce Platform

API-First Commerce 5365

API-First Commerce

The Remarkable Commerce Platform has been built from the ground up API-first approach, this allows for seamless integration with other internal systems such as a CRM, ERP and more.

Microservices 5368


Remarkable Commerce supports a microservices-based architecture, which means we can rapidly deploy the critical capabilities you need today, and then continue to evolve and deploy additional functionality tomorrow.

App Commerce 5367

App Commerce

Remarkable Commerce will maximise your presence in the app commerce space. Create beautiful, intuitive native and Progressive Web Apps that deliver joyful shopping experiences to your customers.

Marketplaces 5369


Remarkable Commerce comes with all the tools you could need to publish, optimise, sell and process all orders via top marketplaces in the UK and abroad. From Amazon to Zalando we have you covered.

Headless Commerce 5370

Headless Commerce

We have developed the Remarkable Commerce Platform using a hybrid approach to headless commerce, allowing front-end and back-end communication while providing the tools digital teams need to handle their daily tasks.

Cloud Hosted 5371

Cloud Hosted

Support for the latest cloud technologies including AWS, Azure, Cloudflare and more, the Remarkable Commerce Platform has been built to scale and cope with any demand.

eCommerce sales have increased
+40% in the last 12 months*

*SEPT 2020
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Remarkable Commerce platform Commerce CMS

Next-gen Content Management

  • Design banners and graphics with multiple layers using a library of components, using the inbuilt content creator
  • Push custom content to any area of your website
  • Develop custom landing page templates within seconds
  • Schedule content to appear or disappear on selected dates or times
  • Pair content with products and embed products within content pages

Remarkable Commerce platform Commerce Search

Elastic Search Methodology

  • Real-time type-ahead search results
  • Update settings for each individual word within a dictionary of 10,000 words
  • Build stronger experiences and recommendations for ‘No Results Found’ pages
  • Backfill and extend your returned results with A.I. suggested products
  • Define the searchable product attributes

Remarkable Commerce platform Commerce Merchandising

Powerful Product Retailing

  • Manually retail and create unique retailing algorithms
  • Control and define balancing factors for each product category
  • Schedule effective rules and triggers for merchandising strategies
  • Build powerful categories and landing pages with speed
  • Assign content to ad slots within product categories

Remarkable Commerce platform Commerce Platform Modules

Product Information Management (PIM)

The Remarkable Commerce product information management (PIM) module gives you the tools you need to ensure that your product data is easy to access and accurate across all commerce channels and marketplaces.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Remarkable Commerce includes digital asset management (DAM) as standard and allows for one easy to manage location for all media assets, including images, graphics, documents, videos, logos, audio files and any other required media content.

Order Management System (OMS)

Control the entire order placement cycle with management for fulfilment path, alert orders, returns process, order notification emails, split orders, RMA processes and more across multiple fulfilment centres as required.

Customer Data Module (CDM)

Store and manage master data records of all your customers in one easy to use interface. Including features for customer data management, segmentation, personalisation, and marketing automation all in one place.

Advanced checkout formula

We have defined our own highly successful strategy for the best basket and checkout experience resulting in minimised abandonment and maximum sales conversion.

Powerful promotions module

Create and manage flexible rule-based promotions, with advanced out-of-the-box functionality to help you convert and re-engage more customers.

Multi-channel marketplace capability

No need for a third party in order to sell via channels like Amazon and eBay – Remarkable Commerce comes with all the tools you could need in order to publish, optimise, sell and process all orders via each marketplace in the UK and abroad.

International commerce

Make the most of international commerce opportunities with a variety of customisations including product translations, technical marketing for overseas territories, international sizing, currency adjusting, territory-specific taxes, international VAT, global shipping and carrier integrations and much more.

Omni-channel click, reserve & collect

Create a seamless omnichannel experience that the modern customer has come to expect from retailers with both an online and offline presence. From advanced EPOS integration, mobile click reserve and collect and much more.

Remarkable Commerce WMS

The Remarkable Commerce Platform includes a fully-scalable in-built Warehouse Management System, providing retailers with an end-to-end solution for eCommerce operations.

The system enables the effective managing of all warehousing operations and logistics using real-time intelligence.

Combining our own unique approach to handheld scanning alongside an intuitive cloud-based architecture, Remarkable delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management system that helps retailers to boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfilment times and increase customer satisfaction.

Our clients achieve a 99% order, inventory and replenishment accuracy, whilst shipping over 10,000 orders per day.

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