Ecommerce Services Providers

Ecommerce Services Providers

We offer eCommerce agency services based around the implementation, management and optimisation of our technology.

Specialist eCommerce services

On-demand eCommerce services for high-growth retailers

  • Back-end Software Developers - experts in complex admin functionality, hosting and architecture, custom code and data management.
  • Front-end UX Developers - specialists in styling, user-experience, storefront development and everything visual.
  • Technical Digital Marketers - your go-to team for technical support with SEO, tracking and tagging, product feeds and optimisation.
  • Growth Strategists - highly experienced strategists with a track-record for creating (and executing) migration plans and growth blueprints.
  • Account Managers - skilled professionals who keep projects on track and clients updated, communicating effectively and efficiently.
  • QA Testers - technicians who test storefronts against advanced user stories and criteria, to help eliminate errors.
Lean on Remarkable for mobile-specific development

Mobile-first UX & Development Services

With more than six out of ten online shopping transactions completed on a mobile device, and consumer spending via mobile commerce expected to grow at more than twice the rate of ecommerce overall – you need to engage mobile users, fast. That means looking beyond responsive design to deliver true App Commerce – the native, immersive app experiences that already account for at least 45% of mobile transactions.

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Experienced engineering teams

Expert back-end developers/ engineers with a commercial focus on your business

Our back-end developers are focused every day on writing code to benefit our clients - this ranges from building new functionality into the platform admin solution, so that clients can complete tasks faster and more effectively, through to architecture analysis.
We use the latest best practices in code development to deliver lightning fast performance and outstanding digital performance.
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Remarkable admin
Meeting room
In-house consultants

Digital marketing services, on demand

We know what it takes to win the best results in the shortest time. Success in today's digital world requires more than just applying new technology to old processes and experiences. We help enable you to make strategic marketing choices that recognise the importance of customer experience, identify profitable opportunities and create customer value that leads to growth.

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Our strategy services benefit any type of client

Lean on Remarkable as your migration partner to ensure a seamless re-platforming

Re-platforming your eCommerce store is achievable without headaches, if you choose the right platform and partner. Our replatforming hub includes advice on guidance on successfully migrating from your existing eCommerce platform to your new stack, as well as success stories from our clients.
The highly experienced strategists have a proven track record in supporting the migration and onboarding of new retailers onto the Remarkable Commerce platform, and a passion for creating unique growth blueprints.
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Testing specialists with efficient processes

Custom middleware (iPaaS) solutions to connect any and every technology

An ‘integration platform as a service ’(iPaaS) is a new bread of technology offering which enables different solutions to connect to each other, often where there is not already an existing plugin or connector.
Remarkable Commerce have extensive experience in building middleware solutions which sit in between two or more technologies, allowing for the flow of data and execution of processes.
It’s often that technologies do not share the same language, architecture or even core function, yet it is business critical for them to connect and pass data to and from each other. This is the standard reason for an iPaaS to be required, as it removes silo’s and improves efficiencies.
Many clients rely on Remarkable to build custom middleware that sits outside of the Remarkable Commerce ecosystem, using API’s, to form the connections required.
Omni-channel connectivity

Get more from marketplaces

Consumer engagement with retail brands via third party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Rakuten and Etsy is growing fast. In fact, marketplaces already account for 62% of all global ecommerce sales, having delivered 29% revenue growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. What's more, in the UK alone, spending on marketplaces is predicted to rise by £13 billion, reaching almost £40 billion by 2024. So, if you're not selling via marketplaces already, you could be missing out on significant exposure and revenue.

Testing specialists with efficient processes

Have the peace of mind that development work is quality assured and thoroughly tested

Our quality assurance team are specialist testing engineers who love to find opportunities for improvement with coding from our teams.
User stories form the basis of all our testing activities. They are an informal, general explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end user. Using the user stories we break down all of the features of the site and use them to guide our testing. User stories include an acceptance criteria which enable us to ensure that the functionality described in the user story is behaving as expected.
All of our clients benefit from automated smoke tests, which run continuously on a schedule - they ensure that the site is basically functional to enable further testing of the release to happen. As such they check that each section of the site loads, contains all the elements that it should, and performs whichever actions are needed to proceed to the next site section.