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The Difference for Westbrook Cycles is

The Difference for Westbrook Cycles is

A successful eCommerce replatforming project to unlock the growth potential

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year-on-year AOV growth
increase in page speed
The Remarkable Difference

Crafted with love, enabling growth

The Solution

  • Scalable and engaging new frontend storefront
  • Full integration with 10+ brand stock feeds
  • Rebuilt Custom Parts/Components Finder Solution
  • Payments via Adyen, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Klaviyo integration for email/push/SMS marketing
  • GTM integration for tag and tracking management

The Results

  • 60% year-on-year average-order-value growth
  • 15% increase in page speed / load times
  • 40% increase in session duration and engagement length
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"The new Remarkable Commerce platform now enables us to begin retailing without constraints and restrictions, knowing that the platform and the development team are capable of delivering what we need. The replatforming journey from our previous platform onto Remarkable was very smooth and went live on schedule. The team at Remarkable are great to work with and we are looking forward to working closely with them, to help us to grow our sales and brand for many years to come."

Phil Harrison, Website Manager, Westbrook Cycles
Westbrook Cycles

The Challenge

Established for over 30 years, Westbrook Cycles have grown from an independent bike shop in the market town of Stokesley, North Yorkshire - into one of the UK's best suppliers of all things cycling, supplying thousands of different products to customers all over the UK and the world.

As well as stocking and supplying a large range of bikes, they also supply everything a cyclist needs for a comfortable, safe and high performance ride across any discipline.

The team built their online business with a unique and personalised approach, ensuring the items they sell are not vastly available and are specialist in what they offer.

Westbrook have around 20,000 items on their site and many of the components are very similar too, with very small differences - making it hard for a customer to find the exact version they need.

Westbrook Cycles worked with their previous website platform for many years, growing their sales very slowly but finding difficulty with development speeds and then eventually became frustrated with the stagnation of the technology - this provided the motivation for looking for a new platform and service provider.

Westbrook Cycles

The Solution

Westbrook Cycles approached Remarkable after being impressed with the slick website - a long-standing Remarkable Commerce client who makes use of the entire Remarkable technology ecosystem (custom warehouse management platform and headless in-store site).

The retailer's requirements were comprehensive and their growth plans were ambitious - they were wanting a partner who could help them to speed up their online growth and had a wealth of experience to lean on.

Remarkable were commissioned to replatform Westbrook Cycles over to their platform and build them a best-in-class digital commerce site, where customers would feel motivated to engage with their product and purchase.

Within a 5 month replatform project, Remarkable migrated all of Westbrook's data feeds, stock feeds, product and customer data, as well as re-integrating key technologies like Klaviyo and several delivery couriers.

The storefront was updated with several key improvements, including a variation/stock hover function on PLP's (product listing pages), and custom logic in the checkout flow to allow for different options based on basket contents.

Westbrook Cycles

Stand-out Feature

Westbrook Cycles had previously created a Parts Finder system, which allowed customers to narrow down their selection and find components that would fit their existing bike.

However, unfortunately the previous platform was unable to cope with the desired functionality and many requested features were not developed.

Remarkable Commerce redeveloped and added several new functions, both for the customer and for the admin users to easily manage the area of the site.

The retailer has full control over the content and the ability to choose which components appear in which bike assignment, as well as the ability to add new bike ranges and models.

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Westbrook Cycles Standout Feature
Westbrook Cycles

The Results

  • The new Westbrook Cycles site launched in June 2022 and an immediate improvement in customer journey was realised - having a positive impact on average-order-value, traffic and behaviour metrics.
  • The average page speed has improved by 15%, so that customers can browse the site and enjoy faster loading pages than previously seen. This has a direct impact on conversion rate and engagement.
Westbrook Cycles

The tech stack

The Remarkable Commerce team developed and maintains the following customised architecture for Westbrook Cycles:

Westbrook Cycles Tech Stack'

About Westbrook Cycles

Westbrook Cycles are a well established online cycle retailer, catering to all cycling disciplines and shipping all over the world. Established over 25 years ago as a local shop selling and repairing bikes, Westbrook have witnessed excellent growth over the years.

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