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About Remarkable Commerce

About Remarkable Commerce

With nearly 100 staff, we are a software company with transparency, inclusivity and integrity as our core values.

Remarkable Commerce is a technology and services company dedicated to enabling mid-sized retailers to compete on a level playing field with larger rivals - through cost-effective access to a cutting-edge, high-performance commerce platform, plus the technical and developer skills they need to innovate and adapt at pace.

True cloud, headless architecture coupled with hundreds of seamless pre-built integrations and on-demand developer resource enable rapid innovation - from extending into app and marketplace commerce to delivering immersive and engaging digital experiences across every channel.

Remarkable Commerce technologies have been developed over the past 20 years of working closely with our clients, and today we believe our platform to be the most customisable on the market - every aspect of the stack can be adapted to the specific needs of each retailer.

Today, some of the UK's fastest growing midsize retailers rely on Remarkable Commerce for proven performance and rapid innovation - from Moss Bros, Yours Clothing and Ben Sherman, to Roman Originals, Absolute Snow and Direct Soccer.

Open culture

Call on the power of an endlessly customisable, API-first bespoke commerce platform and support for microservices architecture - to seamlessly integrate the best of breed solutions and services you need to elevate the customer experience. Access 250+ pre-built integrations and the expertise to build custom integrations in days, not weeks.

Remarkable team


Our developer and engineering teams are primed to support our clients with the solutions they need, when they need them. From maintaining our position at the cutting-edge of commerce platform engineering to rapidly delivering the optimisations and innovations clients need to grow faster.

Proven technology

We measure our own track record according to the results we deliver for our clients. The evidence is in their success - retailers moving to the Remarkable Commerce Platform commonly realise triple-digital sales growth overnight and market-beating year-on-year growth thereafter.



Mark West - Founder & CEO

Mark West

Founder & CEO

Mark has been working at the cutting edge of ecommerce for almost 30 years, having started his career in fashion retail and web development before launching Remarkable Commerce in 1999.

From day one, Mark has been focused on helping mid-sized fashion and lifestyle retailers find a crucial edge in digital commerce, by ensuring the power of the Remarkable Commerce Platform is backed by access to the technical, developer and optimisation skills and resources they need to innovate and grow.

While Mark's leadership is crucial to the overall direction of the business, he continues to take a hands-on role - deriving his greatest pleasure from helping retailers to achieve outstanding results.

Steve Cart - Operations Director

Steve Cart

Operations Director

With a natural talent for design and ecommerce, Steve designed his first website way back in 1997. Joining Remarkable Commerce in 2001, he made an immediate impact - applying his design flair and ecommerce know-how in delivering outstanding ecommerce design and functionality for a wide range of fashion and lifestyle retailers.

Now, with hundreds of ecommerce sites under his belt, Steve has grown the UX department into a team over 15 talented individuals. During this period he has found his time is mostly spent on all facets of ensuring the smooth running a successful business, allowing him to apply the business knowledge and experience he has gained over the years to real world situations.

Ben Brown - Technical Director

Ben Brown

Technical Director

Ben has had a classic web development career, having studied for B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Information Technology at Nottingham University before joining Remarkable Commerce in 2003.

In the intervening years, Ben's deep technical knowledge and his focus on client success has seen him rise to the role of technical director, taking the lead on all major client accounts.

Client service is at the heart of Ben's day to day role. He takes the lead in driving constant improvement in the Remarkable Commerce Platform, while ensuring the highest quality in all technical work delivered for clients - from re-platforming to custom integrations.