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Enterprise Warehouse Management System for Growth Retailers

Enterprise Warehouse Management System for Growth Retailers

Published on 2022-08-08 by Brad Houldsworth

Remarkable Commerce has developed an enterprise, online platform to enable retailers to have powerful control and real-time intelligence over their logistics and warehousing processes.

Combining our own unique approach to handheld scanning alongside an intuitive cloud-based architecture, our WMS delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management system that helps retailers to boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfilment times and increase customer satisfaction.

Ideal for eCommerce retailers which are looking to take the next step in their omni-channel journey, our WMS is part of a unified commerce suite which enables our clients to easily accommodate the rapid change to order processing needed for digital growth.

 Mobile barcode scanning


Our approach allows all warehousing staff to have the full operational power of our WMS in the palm of their hand via a super easy to use and rapid interface.

By implementing the latest hand-held barcode scanning technology, retailers benefit from managing and picking stock in the most fast and efficient way possible and ensure that every order is always correctly picked, packed and shipped.

Our WMS is supplied with the latest rugged handheld barcode scanning technology along with our own cutting-edge software interface that has been written to offer the fastest and most efficient processes.

Inventory and stock control

Our WMS provides stock visibility and adjustment capability to handle every aspect of the inventory from goods in, stock variation, movement or amendments. The stock-take module allows the traditional inventory-wide full stock take but also can incorporate live checks on the file to ensure the inventory is kept fresh and accurate on a day to day basis.

Also includes: Bottom-up inventory management, advanced product/SKU information, detailed product history, specific product variants, stock adjustments, goods in processing, stocktake processing and more.

Successful goods in and put-away processing is pivotal to ensuring that you are maximising the use of your available warehousing space, and that products are efficiently allocated to enable the most cost effective picking and management processes. Our WMS allows the creation of an optimised put-away system unique to your warehouse. This means that a set of specific warehouse rules is put in place that will be easily and accurately followed by warehouse personnel with minimal-impact training. Goods-in products can be intelligently collated in the same location and space in each location can be minimal, with the additional goal of creating optimised pick routes/snakes. Having a more streamlined put-away strategy also reduces the time for warehousing personnel to complete each put-away which can offer an extra advantage during peak periods.


Courier integration


We directly integrated with many different courier systems which enables us to fully streamline these processes and make the day to day management a far easier process for our clients.

Depending on which couriers you use, we can automatically generate consignment numbers and push this information directly to the correct courier system. Each booked consignment is then recorded against the relevant order and logged within the platform. This rapid process achieves a much greater accuracy and also completely removes the need to rekey anything into the courier systems.

Our WMS also passes through the booked courier consignment information into the customer module within RCM and the customer can be given a direct tracking link to their consignment. Our WMS also passes the consignment data automatically to any marketplace orders via Amazon, eBay and others.

Pick, pack and despatch

Our pick, pack and despatch functionality enables the rapid conversion of orders to despatches. By using the handheld scanners with our unique interface to direct warehouse personnel to the correct destination and using barcodes to confirm location and SKU along with a secondary check of a coloured image to add further confirmation the correct item is being picked, picking errors are effectively eliminated. Our WMS accommodates single order picking through to FIFO, pick route optimisation, picking for carrier runs, mixed containers, pick batches/bulk pallets, zone picking, multiple pickers per zone, assign specific pickers and auto-allocate next order allocations. Single, wave and cluster picking options are available as required by your operations.

Our platform facilitates easy processing of returned stock in a highly efficient way to ensure the smooth daily running of your warehouse. With intelligent identification, stock receipt, and relabelling, it enables the efficient relocation of products using flexible rules processing, saving you a huge amount of time and effort. We can also implement a powerful method for looping back returns data which can then be included with internal reporting. The flow of returns can then regularly be seen by buying and merchandising to improve re-ordering and central product intelligence.


Reporting platform

Our intuitive reporting suite gives retailers warehouse personnel to turn their data into valuable insights that help them to achieve more. Running a successful warehouse involves some complex processes coming together and all working continually, especially during peak periods. We have developed our WMS technology over many years of closely working with our clients and helping implement successful monitoring and sets of reports to ensure all processes are working as well as they should. Some essential reports that can be available as standard include: SKU cycle count, detailed inventory, bulk picking report, individual pick wave report, empty bin report, consignments by customer, supplier advanced reports and much more.

Replenishment optimisation

We enable rapid optimisation of the replenishment process, enabling clients to ensure the most efficient inventory and cut down on any location errors. The successful processing of replenishment will save on costs and ultimately ensure that the whole warehousing cycle performs better. We have also written our own unique module for optimal replenishment for retailers – permitting easy replenishment and recall from existing store stock and enabling the setup of a store/silo based inventory model.


Offering 360 support has been our core agency service since we started back in 1999. We are completely focused on client success and will go the extra mile to support your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From day one, we will provide direct access to the people who will work with you on your project, then ongoing you will always have the ability to contact us whenever you need to.

If you are interesting in speaking to Remarkable Commerce about your WMS challenges and learning how we can help, we look forward to hearing from you.