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Remarkable Commerce named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape

Remarkable Commerce named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape

Published on 2024-02-08 by Brad Houldsworth

We are delighted to announce that Remarkable Commerce has been named a Major Player, in IDC 'Worldwide B2C Digital Commerce Platforms for Midmarket Growth 2024 Vendor Assessment' (doc #US50626123, January 2024). 

This IDC Marketscape study offers an in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities for midmarket B2C companies.

Recognising the importance of a human-centric approach, it guides midmarket B2C buyers toward SaaS products that resonate with consumer psychology and technological sophistication to foster durable loyalty to enable sustainable growth. Highlighting the need for transcendent commerce, it underlines the importance of trust-based relationships and AI integration in digital commerce strategies, emphasizing the pivotal role of customer retention in sustainable growth.

Furthermore, it delves into the complexities of composability in digital commerce, providing insights into technological agility and the strategic importance of understanding commerce product architectures when planning software procurement.

This IDC MarketScape is a blueprint for businesses seeking to thrive in an increasingly crowded online B2C shopping space, urging them to embrace growth via a holistic and adaptive approach that spans across all channels and business models.

“The key to unlocking growth in B2C digital commerce lies in understanding and leveraging the intricate interplay between consumer psychology and cutting-edge technology. Success hinges on adopting a strategy that is as much about building meaningful, trust-based relationships with customers as it is about technological innovation,” says Heather Hershey, research director, Worldwide Digital Commerce at IDC. “The future of digital commerce in the midmarket sector will be shaped by those that prioritize a harmonious blend of human-centric approaches and advanced AI, fostering the deep, lasting connections with consumers, which are essential for sustained growth and loyalty.”

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