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Commerce Platform for Construction Retailers

Commerce Platform for Construction Retailers

Building & Construction Product Retailers Require Agility & Innovation

Future-proof your revenue

Grow your Construction & Building Materials Digital Sales

Remarkable Commerce is a powerful, unified commerce platform that delivers fully-tailored, omnichannel experiences for many UK Sports brands.

Construction digital retailers must adapt at speed to a new digital first reality, shaped by permanently changing customers needs, behaviours and expectations - and in which customer experience and agility will be crucial for success.

  • Add technical ability to an organisation, where flexibility that larger rivals simply cannot match
  • Delight consumers with differentiated storefronts that engage shoppers everywhere
  • Acquire the operational adaptability to stay one step ahead
Grow Conversion Rate
Grow Conversion Rate
Enable growth through growing your conversion rate on every device type. Made possible through a fast storefront and reliable admin.
Elevate Experiences
Elevate Experiences
Construction retailers require their eCommerce sites to be fast and efficient, so that customers can order quickly and safely, ensuring orders can be placed with confidence.
Adapt & Scale
Adapt & Scale
Remain agile, allowing for stock and new items to be updated within seconds.
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Commerce for Construction & Building Material Retailers



5 months

replatforming project length



conversion growth since 2017



mobile revenue growth last year

"The project, which was a first of its kind for Saint-Gobain Construction Products in the UK and Ireland, had many challenges. Remarkable's flexibility and agile working methods throughout were invaluable in delivering this project."

Richard Guest, Gyproc Ltd
Commerce for Construction Industry Retailers

Key Features

The Remarkable Commerce platform is built using an API-first approach, allowing new features and functions to be developed and launched at speed, then added to your storefront or admin with ease. The true power of our platform is the agility it provides retailers, for them to quickly react and discover new areas of opportunity, results in global growth.

Fully-tailored and consistent UX
Fully-tailored and consistent UX
As traditional construction retailers, it is very important to evolve and be successful in the ever-changing digital commerce landscape of the 21st Century. This involves a highly-polished and consistent UX journey, which our highly tailorable storefront allows.
Construction customers are used to having a personal approach in-store and look for the same 1:1 experience digitally. This includes personalised product carousels and unique offers based on their past behaviour and likely next purchase.
In-store team functionality
In-store team functionality
Typically, construction digital retailers are born as physical retailers, therefore they rely upon in-store teams having the capability to engage with digital shoppers. We often integrate live-chat, instore stock checking and virtual appointment booking solutions, to bridge the gap.
Product grouping & bulk product editing
Product grouping & bulk product editing
When working with multiple items which vary by size or attribute, you will look to save time and energy by managing these items in bulk. Use the ability of bulk setting data or uploading particular items in bulk.
Integrations with legacy systems
Integrations with legacy systems
Many construction retailers rely on outdated or older versions of technology to run their businesses, these solutions are often robust yet unagile. Remarkable Commerce can integrate by any means, with any solution.
No delayed or (too) early delivery
No delayed or (too) early delivery
Real-time ERP integration ensures that you'll never have missing, incorrect or delayed orders, ensuring that you deliver the right materials at the promised time.
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Remarkable Commerce is the powerful, unified eCommerce platform that delivers fully-tailored omnichannel experiences for many leading UK retail brands.


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