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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

We know what it takes to win the best results in the shortest time

Digital marketing services

The Right Approach for Your Marketing Goals

Success in today’s digital world requires more than just applying new technology to old processes and experiences. We help enable you to make strategic marketing choices that recognise the importance of customer experience, identify profitable opportunities and create customer value that leads to growth.

We will evaluate your digital marketing plans and make recommendations for campaigns and optimisations based on marketing analysis and your unique business requirements.

Our approach to successful digital marketing allows us to leverage the experience within our teams to accurately discover your objectives and then create a tailored strategy that will achieve significant visible results all within a fixed retainer.

We have our own unique approach of not focusing on each channel independently and instead we look to drive one combined multichannel strategy. Each month we will review our performance against targets and regularly collaborate with you.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our expert marketing engineers make search work for you.

We spend time really understanding your business and what makes it special to your customers. That means looking at your long-term goals, the phrases and keywords which really describe your brand, but also what your customers are looking for.

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Next, we create a unique strategy for your site. That means uncovering its strengths and also any weaknesses it might have. Then, we share with you what we think will work best to help really draw in the right visitors. Not just covering the technical, internal and external aspects, but also content and your ongoing campaign approach.

After that, it's time for us to put your new strategy in place and deliver results as per a strategic monthly campaign. But there's more. We'll also give you a waffle-free monthly report on how well it's working, with actual results.

We know what it takes to win the best results with SEO in the shortest amount of time.

Our Marketing team also have experience creating and running PPC campaigns for various industries outside of ecommerce, B2B and brick-and-mortar clients; all with different ROI goals and targets. We can generate leads and business enquiries, improve brand awareness or increase overall website traffic - optimising along the way to ensure all live-ads receive the highest possible click through rate (CTR) and conversion.

We're proud to be a Google Premier agency. It's a relationship which gives us direct access to the Google advisory team to make our clients' PPC campaigns even more successful.

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Social media marketing

Our 360 Support marketing engineers apply commercially-driven ideas and approaches to turn social into more sales.

Turn Twitter into a fantastic sales resource with a Twitter profile that matches your brand look and message and lets your customers know about updates and opportunities.
We also know exactly how to make the right use of the paid advertising options Facebook offers to create a viral campaign that reaches the right people..
We can establish a complete Instagram identity with unique hashtags, interactive competitions to drive customer engagement and unique content relevant to Instagram users.
We can set up your Pinterest presence to gain you more results, with innovative ideas and setting up and running “pin it to win it” Pinterest competitions.
Supercharge your B2B marketing by getting your adverts in front of the people who matter. We can help strategies, built out and optimise your LinkedIn ads.
Email marketing
Email marketing
Targeted & personalised Email Marketing is an extremely powerful tool which when completed with the correct strategy, can build a loyal group of regular customers, develop trust and recognition of a brand.
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Affiliate marketing

Many of the clients we speak to have found managing their affiliate programs in-house to be a balancing act. Commission rates, approvals and promotions all need to be carefully planned and coordinated to deliver the best results.

Our 360 Support marketing team can find the right balance to help you get the best from affiliate marketing. They can make the most of long-established relationships we have with affiliate networks to get the best possible exposure for your brand.

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Third Party Marketing

Our 360 Support marketing engineers apply commercially-driven ideas and approaches to turn social into more sales.

Marketplace optimisation

Amazon and eBay, Rakuten and other marketplaces are a huge segment of the UK online retail sector and are growing every year.

Product content optimisation

Our 360 Support marketing team can easily access and suggest amendments to enrichment processes to then lead to widespread marketplace improvement.

Individual product performance reporting

Within the Remarkable platform reporting module we have developed a way to score individual product performance within marketplace channels.

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A/B testing marketing

A/B testing is a powerful technique for improving ecommerce sales. A typical conversion rate for an ecommerce site is to look at the number of sales per 100 visits. If for example a site has an average of 1.5 sales per hundred visits the sales conversion rate is 1.5%. Raising this conversion rate from 1.5% to just 2.25% would mean a 50% increase in sales. This increase in sales conversion rate is achievable by applying well engineered A/B tests.

Our 360 Support team have been assisting our clients with A/B testing for many years and can bring a lot of experience and advice to this process. We can run highly effective A/B testing campaigns via third party tools. We have also run several effective campaigns in-house ourselves.

Digital marketing reports

We can help you understand your customers and how they engage with your website using Google Analytics, using this data to drive smarter marketing campaigns as a result. Our 360 Support marketing team have been using the Analytics tool for many years since it's pre-Google name of Urchin. This means we really know how to get the most from the information it provides.

However some many find it all a little overwhelming as the amount of information now on offer is extensive and can be confusing. Our team will work with each client to help them regularly track and understand the best information available to them.

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