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Enterprise Platform Architecture

Enterprise Platform Architecture

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Architecture for Commerce Success

When designing products, our ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience possible, both for our clients and their customers. But as products become more complex, it becomes more difficult to achieve this goal whilst ensuring capacity for growth.

Modern commerce architecture is an architecture based on a more modular approach using microservices. It’s virtually the opposite of a “monolith” all-in-one application, and there are benefits of implementing a modern commerce architecture for your company, including flexibility with swapping and introducing new features, time to market, a better foundation for innovation, less spend on upgrades maintenance – and more on things that drive sales customer experience.

Modular Backend Solutions

We have entered a new era in commerce – one where consumers demand seamless transactions everywhere, all the time. Reacting quickly to these changes is a must for enterprise organisations to stay ahead.

Unlike traditional, slow monolithic platforms that come with lots of restrictions, microservices are independently developed, deployed, and managed by a small team of people from different disciplines – providing the flexibility to build new prototypes and deliver new features to the market quickly.

Modules offer the perfect environment for responsive online commerce. Testing a new service, offer or special promotion can be done quickly and more frequently thanks to smaller, dedicated sets of functionality. This is commerce-as-a-service in the truest sense. Microservices provide customers and their tech teams with the foundation to do exactly what they love: Create something new. Retailers benefit by being able to stay ahead of customer demand – and the competition.

Headless is more than a trend

Headless architecture and simple, API integrations give you the flexibility to engage customers across every retail touchpoint - web, mobile, apps, marketplaces, in-store - and deliver seamless omnichannel experiences.

A pre-integrated front end accelerator slashes time to web for new digital storefronts, so you can focus on UX, brand strategy and optimisation.

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Add new channels at speed
Different market segments such as regions, audiences, or brand consumers require distinct channels. A headless commerce solution makes it possible to build and modify channels fast and seamlessly to meet the needs of the target audience.
Unified customer experiences
Headless commerce software meets today's urgent need for an efficient omnichannel customer experience with multi-device access perfectly. Incorporating headless commerce software means unlimited flexibility.
Uncover and fix problems quickly
With traditional eCommerce, you have the frontend and the backend coupled together. This can cause many problems between the different development teams in the company or the IT department.
Optimise performance
A snappier user interface gives a better user experience. To achieve this in a headless ecommerce scenario, for example, you need a lightning-fast ecommerce API because the frontend is hitting the API continuously.

Fast gets Faster

Milliseconds matter and first impressions matter. Today customers are impatient, and they expect personalized, convenient, and seamless experiences when buying online. Much of it is owed to how fast your website loads, and having a reliable solution backing you up matters when you go milliseconds hunting.

Better performance delivers a better user experience, which means better conversions. According to a recent Google/Deloitte research, improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%.

API Library

Comprehensive API Library

The Remarkable Commerce Platform is built using an API-first approach, allowing seamless integration with critical retail systems such as CRM, CMS, ERP, and warehouse management system (WMS).

The true power of our platform is the agility it provides retailers who can quickly discover new areas of opportunity, resulting in global growth.

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Consulting Solution Architects

Platform training for all teams

All sizes and maturities of eCommerce teams rely on training for their platform, to make the most of the functionality and capabilities. Remarkable Commerce provide initial setup training and then ongoing support through a team of Client Success support staff, who can be leaned on and provide support within minutes - not weeks!

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Technical detail

SOLID Principles for Object-Oriented Programming

CQRS Design Pattern

Middleware Message Brokers

Framework Independent

.NET 6 Framework

Document Databases (Elastic, Redis, MongoDB)

Relational Databases (MS SQL)

Testing Frameworks & Tools (xUnit)

MVC Architecture

Razor Syntax Engine

Microsoft TypeScript Language

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