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Hyve Managed Hosting Integration

Hyve Managed Hosting is a fully-managed, UK-based hosting provider that empowers businesses to focus on growth and innovation by taking on the burden of managing complex infrastructure. With a genuine passion for exceptional customer service, Hyve delivers a range of hosting services - from mission-critical private cloud and managed cloud, to colocation and security services.

Remarkable’s private cloud with Hyve enables complete control over data and applications. Hyve’s private cloud keeps sensitive information locked down, ensuring that data is secure. Remarkable get full control of every aspect of their infrastructure, but Hyve are here to help if needed, for added peace of mind and support 24/7/365.

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Key Features:

Security centric

Hyve understand security is the foundation of every successful business. We offer a multi-layered approach to security that is designed to protect businesses against attacks, threats and vulnerabilities.

VMware cloud verified

Showcasing that Hyve is committed to running the latest versions of cloud technologies, ensuring customers are always up to date and out ahead.

Best-in-class infrastructure

Hyve cherry pick the best hardware and software from world leading manufacturers, running on high availability VMware platforms.

Resilient power & cooling

Hyve’s data centres all offer multiple layers of redundancy for power and cooling. 100% network uptime – thanks to our no single point of failure network infrastructure, we can guarantee 100% network availability.