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The Difference for Roman Originals is

The Difference for Roman Originals is

Leading retailers rely on Remarkable Commerce for performance, innovation and growth.

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conversion rate growth
mobile conversion rate uplift
The Remarkable Difference

Driving 100% Revenue Growth for Roman

The Solution

  • Brand new ecommerce platform and responsive customer journey
  • An end-to-end solution fully integrated with the Remarkable warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Easy to use handheld scanning interface developed specially for Roman
  • Payments via Adyen and Paypal
  • Full Amazon and eBay integration
  • Emarsys for Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Window integration

The Results

  • Immediate 30% conversion rate improvement
  • 81% mobile conversion rate uplift
  • Warehouse management integration drives efficiency and service
  • 10x revenue growth in just four years
  • 5m more mobile sessions in 2021 vs 2020
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Roman Originals

The Challenge

Having sold online for some time, Roman Originals had outgrown its ecommerce site. Built on old tech, it hampered efforts to innovate and optimise conversion, offered no support for mobile commerce and had become increasingly unstable - as a newsworthy event had made all too clear.

When 'The Dress' (is it blue/black or white/gold?) went viral, Roman Original's website was inundated with hundreds of thousands of hits - but the opportunity to capitalise was damaged by long periods of downtime as the site struggled to scale.

It was clear that the company needed to freshen up its digital offering - rebuilding from the ground up on an agile, stable and scalable platform that would make it easy to innovate the customer journey across desktop and mobile experiences.

Roman Originals

The Solution

Roman Originals chose the Remarkable Commerce platform as the ideal foundation for reimagined digital channels - a rapid migration coupled with headless architecture and lightning fast, stable performance made it the ideal choice.

  • Relaunched weeks later on the Remarkable Commerce platform, Roman Originals' new, high-speed ecommerce site offered improved customer journeys, including via mobile devices
  • Integration with the Remarkable WMS created efficiencies and now underpins the best delivery proposition on the market
  • Headless, API-first architecture has accelerated Roman Originals innovation roadmap - streamlining marketplace integration, payment method expansion and the launch of a fully loaded mobile app
Roman Originals

Stand-out Feature

The Remarkable developer team worked with Roman Originals to design and create a custom warehouse management system including handheld scanner interface. Tightly integrated with the Remarkable Commerce platform, this facility handles complete inventory, pick, pack and despatch, logistics, advanced stock tracking, reporting and much more.

Roman Originals Standout Feature
Roman Originals

The Results

  • Immediate 30% conversion rate improvement
  • 81% mobile conversion rate uplift
  • Consistent 10% revenue growth - reaching £60 million in just four years
  • Warehouse management integration drives efficiency and underpins the best delivery proposition on the market
  • 1m more visitors per year via organic search compared to 2016
Roman Originals

The tech stack

The Remarkable Commerce team developed and maintains the following custom architecture for Roman:

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About Roman Originals

Old Moss Bros. Building

Roman Originals was established in 1957, and now operates more than 150 outlets, across the United Kingdom.

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In Summary - A long standing partnership that has delivered success for Roman, continually evolving their technologies and platform to match their vision for the future of fast fashion eCommerce.

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