Commerce Order Management (OMS)

Commerce Order Management (OMS)

Powerful, intuitive order management gives you full control of orders being placed

Best eCommerce Order Management System

There are several functions that make commercial sense to be managed within an eCommerce platform. An OMS or Order Management System is one of them. On this page we will dive into how to choose the right order management system to suit your business.

An OMS allows companies of all sizes to automate and streamline the sales and delivery process from point of sale to delivery. An OMS handles every aspect of your operation, ranging from orchestration of sales channels and products to syncing inventory levels and everything involved in managing customer orders.

How to choose the right order management system

Some specialist OMS’s are extremely extensive in nature and include a lot of functions that online-only retailers might not necessarily require. For example, some "OMS" technologies are warehouse management systems (WMSs) that were developed for the world's largest retailers. They require long lead times, frequent configuration, and huge development resources.

In contrast, there are very basic OM platforms that are suitable for small online stores with simple fulfilment options. Between them are platforms designed for omnichannel retailers with different levels of flexibility and usability.

An order management system is an integral part of a retailer's tech stack, so integrating it with the corporation's existing technology is crucial. Look for modern, headless technology that allows for seamless data exchange, custom workflows, and open APIs.

An OMS must seamlessly integrate with existing technology as well as with its users. Even non-technical retailer and marketing staff should be able to utilize its sophisticated capabilities.

When reviewing an OMS, ask yourself:

  1. What features do I need?
  2. How fast can I make changes to processes?
  3. What's my budget?
  4. Can I customize it for alternate payment methods and discount pricing?
  5. Do I need options for multiple currency management?
  6. How will my business change in the next 3-5 years, and will this system scale?
How to Choose the Right Order Management System

Highly-configurable order management for high-volume retailers

Gain control over the entire order placement cycle - with management for fulfilment path, alert orders, returns process, order notification emails, split orders, RMA processes and more across multiple fulfilment centres as required.

Highly-configurable order management

Custom order statuses

Create and manage your own list of order status labels and codes - giving you the flexibility of assigning orders with unique order statuses that align with your existing processes.

Split orders

Orders come in all shapes and sizes - therefore you need flexibility of splitting orders by delivery addresses, or by particular items, or by service type. Simply choose how you wish to split your order.

Editable fields

A benefit of using the Remarkable Commerce platform is how flexible and agile the admin functionality is, which includes the fields. Many clients request new custom fields which are used for grouping orders.

Important order management features

Pick, pack and despatch efficiently

Enable the rapid conversion of orders to be despatched by using the handheld scanners with our unique OMS interface, supporting and directing warehouse staff to the correct destination

Modern headless technology

Remarkable Commerce's open APIs and data inflow and outflow make it easy to integrate into existing technology. With enterprise-level flexibility, you can integrate Remarkable into your current technology

Microservices-based architecture

With a composable commerce approach, our OMS is a microservice with the platform. Meaning workflows can be streamlined with your current business processes to get what you need

Smart order routing

With intelligent order routing, you can transform stores into fulfillment centers. Automate routing decisions to optimise for cost and service. Do you have multiple warehouses? No problem

Dedicated UIs and in-store tools

Use an easy-to-use interfaces that help your teams fulfill orders easily and complete sales from anywhere. Quickly onboard new users and customise accordingly, without needing development time

Order search - broad and specific

When you have thousands, or even tens of thousands of orders, finding a specific one should be as easy as possible - we have advanced search logic to help you save time

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