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Klaviyo Email Marketing Integration

The Klaviyo platform unifies all customer data and channels in one place, delivers unprecedented speed and time to value, and is built to be intuitive and easy to use so that every brand—regardless of size and expertise—can connect with their valued customers to grow more profitably and sustainably on their own terms. 100,000+ companies use Klaviyo’s data-driven marketing tools to connect with their customers and grow on their own terms.


Email Marketing Platform

Key Features:

Advanced email segmentation

Target your audience using any combo of behaviour, profile property, location, list, predicted LTV or order date, and more.

Behaviour-based automation

Automatically send messages based on channel engagement, profile or event data, predictive analytics, and other platform data.

Customisable templates

Start with proven ecommerce templates. Add dynamic content based on coupons or vouchers, browsing activity, and product preferences.

Targeted forms

Subscribe more visitors and re-engage customers with forms based on time on page, number of visits, device, or segment.