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eCommerce Strategy & Consultancy

eCommerce Strategy & Consultancy

All the expertise and support you need to define and deliver your growth strategy

A team you can rely on

Affordable, expert strategic consultancy on demand

In a ruthlessly competitive market, transformative eCommerce sales growth doesn’t happen by accident – you need a detailed, achievable and evidence-based growth strategy designed to heighten customer engagement and keep your brand one step ahead of the competition.

To do that, you may need access to tools, insight and expertise that complements your own – specialist consultants able to harness data analysis, technical know-how and diverse experience in helping you to shape an adaptable, growth-orientated eCommerce strategy that responds to market opportunity and, crucially, is technically and financially achievable.

We know that, for many mid-sized retailers, access to a full spectrum of eCommerce consultancy skills can be cost-prohibitive, which is why we make sure every retailer working with us can call on affordable, expert strategic consultancy on demand.

As a technology provider, our expert support and guidance ensures clients experience average year-on-year sales growth of at least 100%, in their first few years.

Strategic benefits

Reasons to rely on Remarkable for growth

Streamlined and cost efficient

All our eCommerce consultants are also highly skilled developers and engineers. This enables us to offer streamlined consultancy services that eliminate the need for a separate layer of account management resource.

In turn, that ensures you get rapid access to the eCommerce consultancy skills you need – without the cost and delay associated with working through an account management middleman.

Data analysis and technical know-how

Our consultants’ data analysis expertise and technical know-how takes the guess work out of eCommerce strategy. It means you can rest-assured that your growth strategy is informed by evidence and technically achievable within defined budgets.

It also means that you can rely on our consultants to challenge your thinking when appropriate. They will ensure that your strategy is backed by a tactical delivery plan based on optimum solutions - rapidly-deployable, relevant and cost effective.

Diverse expertise to deliver your strategy

Over the years, our eCommerce consultants have worked with a wide range of retailers, building an unrivalled library of knowledge across an array of strategic priorities, including:

  1. Growing customer loyalty and CLV (customer lifetime value).
  2. Increasing new customer acquisition, whilst maintaining CPA (cost per acquisition).
  3. Improving AOV (average order value) and items-per-order.

Omnichannel experiences

We consult on the deployment of services and solutions that merge online and offline retail. Our omnichannel specialists will help you to deliver a consistent, recognisable and convenient brand experience no matter how customers choose to engage – online or instore – while enabling blended customer journeys that start online, end in-store or vice versa.

eCommerce integration consulting

While the Remarkable Commerce Platform features 250+ pre-built integrations covering everything from marketing automation to payment, there are occasions when implementing an eCommerce growth strategy will require custom integrations. Our consultants are on hand to advise on the right approach and ensure bespoke integrations are delivered in days, not weeks.

Territorial expansion

Expanding into new markets can be a highly effective way to grow sales, but each has its own nuances to navigate if you are to manage a successful launch. From local-language translations to high-penetration payment methods, our eCommerce consultants can set you on the right course for international growth.

Customer experience innovation

Work with our consultants to gather the insight required to understand your customers’ needs, motivations and expectations in detail. They will help you to unearth previously unmet needs – and power growth by delivering the relevant, convenient and elegant solutions that are crucial to sales growth and customer loyalty.