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Customer Data Management (CDM)

Customer Data Management (CDM)

Powerful, intuitive customer management that gives you full control of your customer data and customer communications

Best eCommerce Customer Management System

Successful eCommerce requires paying close attention to your customers, no matter how many you have. Quick and useful communication is vital to great customer service and can help build long-lasting customer relationships! To this end, the Remarkable Commerce platform includes a CDM/CRM module, with an built-in messaging system and helpdesk system.

Through the CRM, your customers can contact you with questions about specific products, their orders, purchases, and anything else involved in their store account. The CRM keeps it all organised, making it easy to keep track of your customer interactions and resolve every question to the customer’s satisfaction.

Benefits of an Ecommerce CRM Solution

Traditional CRM software's principal function is to collect and store critical customer information (such as preferred contact method, account information, and possible customer leads) all in one place. Traditional CRM software is important in daily operations because it helps businesses how to properly deal with their consumers and meet their needs.

Traditional CRM's main purpose is to bring employees and customers together by ensuring that everyone gets what they need. Finally, typical CRM offers salespeople with a customer profile that includes details on previous purchases and outreach.

E-commerce CRM (sometimes known as eCRM) is a type of customer relationship management software that focuses on growing eCommerce sales and supporting customer experiences. E-CRM, like traditional CRM, can evaluate customer information and sales patterns, as well as record and store data.

An eCommerce platform, such as Remarkable Commerce, should integrate seamlessly with a specialist solution to deliver messaging (like Klaviyo or Emarsys), which allow for ‘headless’ configurations.

Then when a customer wishes to speak to the retailer, a customer-service representative can respond efficiently and with a templated approach. This ensures consistency between your staff and gives customers the very best responses.

Benefits of an Ecommerce CRM Solution

Feed your Customer Data Platform (CDP) with every data point

Customer Data Platforms complement the features you can find in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and a Data Management Platform (DMP).

While a CRM helps you collect data from customer interaction, and a DMP helps you organise second and third-party data, a CDP unifies customer data and allows you to act on it for customer experience optimisations and marketing communications.

Key Question: PIM within ERP or Platform

Key Customer Data Management Features

Find customers instantly

It is essential for your teams to be able to identify the correct customer and their information, therefore the Remarkable Commerce Platform enables teams to search by any data field, including items which a customer has previously purchased, to find their account.

Modern Headless Technology

Remarkable Commerce's open APIs and data inflow and outflow make it easy to integrate into existing technology. With enterprise-level flexibility, you can integrate Remarkable into your current technology.

Microservices-Based Architecture

With a composable commerce approach, our OMS is a microservice with the platform. Meaning workflows can be streamlined with your current business processes to get what you need.

Manage Subscriptions

If you offer a subscription/repeat order model, you will require the ability to view and update a customers details - including their payment dates, amounts, product selections and order details.

Manage Gift Cards

Both digital and physical gift cards are often hard to manage, due to the manual element of setup/configuring and difficulty in reporting on them. With Remarkable Commerce, you can self-manage Gift Cards within the admin with ease.

Manage Customer Comms

Take full control of your customer service inbox, and rely on Remarkable Commerce CDM to templatise your replies and ensure no message gets missed.

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