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Link Building & Outreach

Link Building & Outreach

Our Nottinghamshire based expert marketing engineers make search work for you.

Do you struggle to make pages rank properly?
Do you have the wrong page ranking for a search term?
Can’t get your website to appear in a search engine?

We can help.

Our link building strategy is focused on the ultimate goal of helping your site rank well in Search Engines.

In very simple terms, “the more quality links you have that point to relevant pages on your site, the more a search engine will see you as an authority in your niche.” This leads to additional trust which leads to more visibility for your brand. (But here’s obviously a lot more to it than that) .

We target the most relevant sites with the correct keywords, matching the right landing pages. This is all done organically to provide an optimised backlink profile that should see your traffic increase. We aim to get external links that bring value by targeting these important ranking factors.

Our service is focused on providing clients with only the highest quality links that drive traffic to their website. We understand each client is different so opportunities are carefully hand-picked.

Through our link-building tactics, we aim to earn links that have value – the ones that will have a huge impact on search ranking, referral traffic, and site authority. We will overhaul your strategy and improve your backlink profile to work towards gaining valuable referral traffic.

Link building

Link Building Strategy

We work with you to identify specific business targets so we can build the correct strategy for your needs. Here are examples of the techniques we will apply when building a long term link building strategy, starting with those we will use for .

Onsite optimisation

Link building to a site that is not optimised is like building a house on shaky foundations. We will first ensure the site is optimised so not only the links will provide additional value, but it is a site people will be willing to link to.

This will check your onpage SEO as well as your internal link structure to ensure you’re making the most out of the links you have full control over, those on your own site.

This doesn’t just include technical SEO, we will also look for content that will attract links (known as linkable assets) and look for content gaps where the site could benefit from targeting additional keywords.

Existing links

Before looking for new links, we will look at your existing backlink profile to make sure everything looks healthy. We will look to remove any links that come from harmful sources that may be holding the site back.

We will also make sure that links coming into the site point to the correct page on the site and not just the homepage. We may contact site owners and ask for existing links to be redirected to a more relevant page if required.

Broken links

There is great value in repairing existing links to the site that have broken over time. These could point to an old page on your site that was removed or it may just be a typo by the linking site.

These links can be as good a brand new link, except we already know the site owner is willing to link to your site. Here we will contact the bigger, more authoritative sites to update their links to the relevant page on the site.

Competitor link acquisition

We gather the links from your biggest competitors to see which we can gain ourselves. Gaining links from these sources, plus our other links, effectively allows us to leapfrog them when it comes to backlink authority

We will also consider:

Local business directoriesUnlinked mentionsGuest postsSponsored postsPress releasesBusiness directoriesResource listsand more…

Why is link building important?

Link building, as mentioned earlier, leads to additional trust with search engines which leads to more visibility for your brand as part of an overall SEO strategy.

A good link building strategy is a way of improving the domain authority of the website, which itself can help lead to better rankings. This in turn will lead to more potential customers finding your website.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a rough estimate, usually out of 100, that reflects how much authority a website has. It is based on numerous factors, a few of which are related to the site's backlink profile.

It doesn’t directly affect search engine rankings, but it's a measurement you can use to base your overall site quality relative to your competitors.

So while we aim to increase the site's domain authority, we understand it does not directly equate it to increased rankings. We make optimised changes to improve your site with the site's impressions, traffic, click through rate, engagement conversions and more used to show how well your site is doing.

What are high quality backlinks?

In basic terms, one site linking to another passes two things.



The more authority a site has the more authority it will pass.

This is the same as you hearing about a good restaurant from an anonymous review online and from a good friend. Both are saying the same thing, but your friend's opinion will have more authority with you.

Now imagine this recommendation is from two friends, the first likes food but the second is a professional chef.. Now one friend's recommendation has more authority than the other due to their knowledge of the subject. It’s the same for backlinks. If the link comes from a high authority source who themselves have authority in that topic, the link is more valuable.

So this will be a link from a high authority, relevant source to a suitable page on the site using descriptive anchor text.



If all of the above criteria is taken care of you will have a link people will want to click on from a site that people actually visit and trust.

This means that the referral traffic that will arrive contains potential customers pre-loaded with the thought to trust your brand.

So by gaining a link that both passes authority and also brings in traffic, you will have yourself a high quality backlink.

Black hat vs white hat

If you’re researching link building you will no doubt come across terms like Black Hat, White hat, even Grey hat and of course, Penalties.

Black Hat SEO provides quick results and a tonne of very quick rankings and traffic. This is done by breaking all of the SEO best practices. This is great in the short term but will end up with a penalty causing your site to vanish from search engine rankings. Often, this penalty will mean the site will never recover, condemning the domain name to the bin.

White Hat SEO is the opposite. This is adhering to SEO best practises taking away any chance of a penalty. Yes, it’s slower but as part of a long term strategy you will see lasting success.

Grey Hat SEO is of course somewhere in between and often refers to Black Hat tactics SEO companies are prepared to risk. Calling them by a different colour makes them sound less risky.

We can assure you, the entire team at Remarkable Commerce wears only White Hats.

Link building
Link building

Passive vs active link building

These are two ways of gaining links that have the same end result, but both are useful to have.

Active links are simply links that are actively gained. These are links where you go out, make connections, do the work and get the link placed. They tend to be very strong as they have been selected for the purpose of providing a high quality backlink.

Passive links are the opposite. These are links that naturally occur by people linking to those linkable assets on the site. This could be an informative blog post, a useful PDF or just the product someone was looking for.

While you have less control over passive links, these help to create a natural looking backlink profile alongside the more unnatural active links.

Follow vs NoFollow

A Follow link, when found by search engine bots, will be followed to the site. So a Follow link to your site will pass on authority and all that good stuff that comes with it.

A NoFollow link is a link that has been told to do the opposite. So not only will a search engine bot not follow the link through to the site, but no authority etc is passed either..

But the important thing here is that the valuable users can still click on the link to get to your sites so they still have value from that point of view. These links are generally Passive but they help to offset the Active links to keep a natural looking backlink profile.

Link building