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Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Published on 2023-01-04 by Gemma Nickerson

RE:Platform Podcast

December 2022

The re:platform podcast is a weekly audio podcast and video masterclass, hosted by James Gurd and Paul Rogers who are experienced eCommerce consultants. They feature interviews with industry thought leaders and practical advice on improving end to end customer experience, and how to make better technology decisions.

They are available on all popular channels including Spotify, Apple + via RSS.

They spoke with Brad Houldsworth (our Head of Strategy) back in December for their end of year roundup on all things eCommerce platforms.

In this ecommerce podcast, James and Paul provide their take on what’s been happening with leading eCommerce vendor product and go to market strategies during the last 12 months. Remarkable feature just after 29 minutes, taking you through a comprehensive idea of what our platform currently does, the benefits and, modules and plans for the future.

View the full episode below, it will provide lots on interesting insights if you are considering replatforming over the next year.