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Whitepaper: A Complete Guide to eCommerce Replatforming

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It’s a fact of life that most successful digital stores will outgrow their ecommerce platforms eventually. It’s a situation that can throttle growth through degrading site performance, weak customer experience and a lack of innovation agility, while eating into margins thanks to rising operating costs.    

These are all signs that it is past time to upgrade your ecommerce platform, but the trick is to get on the front foot by managing a smooth, low risk transition to a new platform before your existing environment starts to negatively impact performance.     

Quite simply, leaving it too late could leave you in a world of pain – battling to reverse brand damage, falling sales and rising costs at a time when you need to demonstrate early wins from your investment in a new platform.    

This guide is designed to help you get it right, and realise commercial gains from replatforming, fast – helping you to choose the right platform at the right time and manage a smooth, low risk transition so your commercials can hit the ground running when you’re live on your new platform.    


Part 1: When to think about replatforming 

Part 2: A complete guide to the replatforming process 

Part 3: Replatforming de-risked, the Remarkable Commerce way 

Part 4: About Remarkable Commerce 

Appendix: eCommerce platforms - A side-by-side comparison  

A Complete Guide to eCommerce Replatforming - Whitepaper

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