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Choosing The Right Channels And Marketing Tactics To Drive Growth

Choosing The Right Channels And Marketing Tactics To Drive Growth

Published on 2024-02-05 by Gemma Nickerson

Last month, Richard Hill from the eComOne Marketing Agency invited Brad Houldsworth, our Director of Sales and Strategy, to be a guest on episode 172 of their podcast to discuss growth strategies.

Podcast Overview

In this podcast, Brad shares valuable insights into eCommerce strategies and technological usage. If you are struggling with deciding which sales channels to stock your products on, this episode is for you. Listing on other channels that aren’t just your website will boost customer acquisition, and loyalty and enhance your data capture. 

Choosing the right technology for your business can be a minefield, it is the reason your sales skyrocket or plummet. Brad shares the significance in deciding your tech stack, emphasising efficiency, understanding customer behaviour and demographics, and leveraging data profitably. 

So listen to this podcast to explore the ever-changing eCommerce landscape with actual real-life insights from somebody who has spent years in the trenches. Real data backed by evidence. 

Topics Covered

00:10 – Brad shares his career journey in eCommerce 

06:14 – Reflects on past experiences and shares successful eCommerce elements 

09:24 – His opinion on headless eCommerce 

10:54 – Retailers are handling increased traffic and costs during the holiday season

18:02 – Internal debate on brand reputation impact of selling on Amazon – should you do it? 

19:56 – Emphasises the importance of customer engagement and loyalty in business

23:41 – Data silos create inefficiencies; integrating systems is key to success and opportunity for businesses

29:41 – Discussing challenges of tech adoption & investment assessment in business

32:57 – Understanding different stages of business growth helps in partnership and expansion decisions, based on experience and potential

35:36 – Considerations for customer acquisition costs and technology planning for business growth

38:38 – Need solutions for retail growth milestones

43:58 – SEO

46:21 – Platform offers 300 flexible third-party integrations for faster development and more options for merchants.

48:23 – Book recommendation(s)

Watch the episode

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