How to streamline updating your trading reports

How to streamline updating your trading reports

Published on 2023-01-30 by Gemma Nickerson

Trading teams and marketing teams in most digitally-focused businesses will create regular reports to send around the business, to keep everyone updated with progress and recent performance. These reports are incredibly valuable for senior leaders and Exec teams who are not close to the 'day-to-day' running and digital performance.

As performance reporting is not the most exciting of jobs, we recommend you streamline the process for when you need to update results to make the process seamless and easy. This will save you time and allow you the time to focus on actions to grow sales.

Here are our top 5 tips for streamlining your trading reports:

1. Create a template

Create a reporting pack template of no more than 10 pages so each month you can just revert back to the template with headings/sections and add in the information required. This will save time. 

2. Involve your full team

Delegate the work of pulling data between all team members so it takes less time to collate it all. This also helps the team with knowledge and learning as everyone is aware of the reports and data within them. 

3. Log your development updates

Occasionally performance peaks can be linked to development updates so it's important to log all your development releases. You can then attribute them to any performance changes when analysing your results. 

Bookmark your Google Analytic URLs to save yourself time. It's also important to note here that the standard format of Google Analytics will be changing across to GA4 (newer version) in 2023. This newer version has a slightly different set up so any of your reports will need changing over. You will need to transition to GA4 either by July or October this year, depending on your set up. The earlier you transition the more historical data and insights you will have. 

More information on this can be found here

5. Write a summary page

Provide a short bulleted summary page that gives a quick overview of all the sections at a small glance. 

For more useful information on best practice for your eCommerce performance reporting - please download our whitepaper here which includes the best metrics and KPIs to include and case studies.


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