Grow conversion with Remarkable's new Social Proof urgency messaging

Grow conversion with Remarkable's new Social Proof urgency messaging

Published on 2023-03-16 by Brad Houldsworth

How to use Social Proof Messaging to inspire, inform and convert your visitors

Retailers can harness marketing psychology and subtle UX widgets to increase conversion, by displaying social proof urgency messaging based on real-time data, that your customers are triggering. Brands that want to push particular marketing messages across multiple page types can use this placement to do so.

Social proof in marketing refers to the phenomenon that people are more likely to buy products they have seen others buying. This is a traditional and psychological tactic in marketing, social proof makes customers feel confident about their purchases.

A customer’s decision-making process can be influenced in a big way through social proof marketing. Plus, this real-time relevance appeals to people’s need for validation from others and induces fear-of-missing-out (FOMO), reassuring shoppers that they are following consensus.

Create a sense of urgency amongst your potential customers and increase conversion by showing the visitor how many items you have left in stock, or how popular products are.

Where to implement Social Proof urgency messaging...

The power of social proof messaging is stronger when there are multiple placements on various page types, including content pages, listing pages and product pages. Remarkable Commerce clients are able to display messages wherever they wish, across any page, through the use of the platform's promotions API.


PLPs (product listing pages)

Showing urgency messaging on a PLP drives attention to particular items that are listed. This can be seen as a merchandising tactic to drive engagement with products without needing to change their position/rank (although, this is also achievable very easily in our merchandising module)


PDPs (product detail pages)

Product page urgency messaging is very common in specific sectors such as booking/service sites (like hotels and train tickets!), but for traffic which lands directly on a PDP, this social proof messaging will capture their attention and help to reduce the bounce rate of the page.


CLPs (content landing pages)

Highlighting products within a content landing page gives a nice balance between pushing the brand story and showing relevant products or collections. Showing urgency messages on a CLP gives retailers the opportunity for increasing click-through-rate into the PDP or collection, as well as improving engagement with the site as a whole.

New platform functionality

Benefit from Remarkable's new Social Proof functionality

In the past, this type of functionality was only available in specialist marketing tools that were integrated onto a client's site, usually though a JS tag. And today, almost every eCommerce platform vendor does not offer this feature within their core platform.

We recognised that our clients were looking to surface additional marketing messages and give their customers a stronger sense of urgency, to push conversion rate higher. They were also wishing to reduce their costs which included 3rd party technologies that offer this functionality. These reasons gave us the drive to develop and launch social proof messaging functionality, into our core platform.

The scoping of this functionality was done at pace, and is now being used by selected clients to support conversion rate growth.

Our clients have the ability to create new social proof messages within minutes and edit fields such as:

  • Title & description text

  • Text colour, text weight and background colour

  • Custom icon upload

  • Site(s) checkbox

  • Dynamic placeholder for units sold or viewed

  • Assignment to single or multiple PLP's

  • Assignment to single or multiple PDP's

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