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Free White Paper: Expert tips to boost Checkout Conversion Rate

Are you losing too many sales at the checkout?

If so, you’re not alone. The average cart abandonment rate in 2021 was 87.4%. That’s nine out of every ten customers deciding against a purchase at the last moment, so what is going on here?  

The bottom line is, while retailers invest a great deal of time and money in optimising the customer journey, the checkout needs a level of specialist attention that is all too often overlooked – or worse, made impossible by inflexible, templated checkouts.  

This is no secret for business leaders and marketing teams, who know that checkout pages outstrip all other pages when it comes to abandonment rates – getting the checkout experience right is crucial to driving sales, but what are the right strategies for checkout optimisation?   

This guide draws on our work with those clients. We’ve hand-picked the checkout strategies and optimisations that are proven in the wild – read on to find out how they could help you reduce checkout abandonment rates and deliver more sales.   


  1. Introduction & contents

  2. Platform comparison

  3. Setting the scene

  4. Boost add-to-bag behaviour

  5. Basket optimisations

  6. One-page vs multi-page vs one-click

  7. UX top tips

  8. Field validation techniques

  9. Tracking strategies

  10. Conclusion

Free White Paper: Expert tips to boost Checkout Conversion Rate

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