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Progressive Web Apps: App Icon Capability

Progressive Web Apps: App Icon Capability

If you use a mobile device, you will no doubt be navigating your apps via their icons every day - either via Apple iOS or Android operating systems. Historically a key inherent bonus of having a native app would be that after your customer had downloaded and installed it, your brand would have its own app icon that would sit alongside all of their commonly used apps on their device. This creates regular brand recognition and re-engagement with your customers, allowing them to select your app and instantly return to your mobile experience.

With a Progressive Web App, you can have this same app icon capability. This will enable your customers to easily install an icon on their device that will work in exactly the same way as if a native app was installed. The only difference would be that the PWA would instantly load in the web browser. With offline capability, push notifications and inherent native app functionality - the gap between Progressive Web Apps and native apps is narrowing all the time.

If you wish to have a presence in the Apple iOS app store or Android marketplace, we can develop a native app or as a more budget conscious alternative, we can develop a ‘wrapper' native app that will load your PWA inside.

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