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Pure Collection relaunch with Remarkable Commerce

Pure Collection relaunch with Remarkable Commerce

Published on 2020-06-25 by Brad Houldsworth

In April 2020, Pure Collection reached out to Remarkable Commerce and requested a fast turn-around platform to be created for them, enabling their quick departure from their previous website platform provider.

Within just 4 weeks, a brand new platform had been designed and built using the Remarkable Commerce technology stack and launched onto the domain.

Ever since the brand established in 2002, Pure Collection has focused on creating and selling luxury cashmere knitwear and has since become one of the largest direct and online retailers of cashmere in the world.

With around 2,000 products being available to purchase online, Pure’s requirements were mostly aesthetic, however, they required the new website to have much better speed and overall performance than their last one, and integrate seamlessly with their existing back-office systems. They have one central admin system that is now used to operate several websites collectively.

By mid-June, the website’s eCommerce functions were enabled, and the brand has returned to successful trading overnight.

We are looking forward to the long-term relationship with Pure Collection and taking their site to match the very high quality of their cashmere products.

Check out the new site here: