Re:Platform Podcast – Roman & Remarkable discuss Viral Marketing & eCommerce Challenges

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Published on 03/10/21 by Gemma Nickerson.

Remarkable Commerce were really pleased to take part 89th episode in the Re:Platform eCommerce podcast series with James Gurd, featuring Ian Johnson, Head of Ecommerce for our client Roman, as well as our Head of Product, Brad Houldsworth.

The episode looked at the classic iconic dress campaign from Roman back in 2015 which was an online viral success across the Internet. The campaign saw a product image reproduced thousands of time asking what colours do you see? Blue/black or gold/white? It was a runaway success which accelerated unprecedented growth for Roman and made them look towards the future and a partner that could help them be more agile and scale with their success.

Key Discussion Points

  • What were the short and long term implications of The Dress for ecommerce?
  • What challenges did rapid sales growth present and how did you deal with them?
  • Were there key learnings to help with future ecommerce plans?
  • There are so many ecommerce platforms on the market: what made you select Remarkable Commerce?
  • What were the key learnings from your replatforming project?
  • What are the key selling points/genuine USPs of Remarkable‚Äôs platform?
  • How does the roadmap work for Clients using Remarkable Commerce?
  • What do you focus on to ensure site performance is consistently good?
  • How are you using personalisation to improve CX and drive sales, and what tech underpins this? 

You can watch the episode above, or simply listen below. If you want access to all the Re:Platforms podcasts which feature fantastic content on all things eCommerce then please click here.

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