Reporting & Analysis Integrations

Data is the life-blood of retail and eCommerce businesses, fuelling many parts and departments within an organisation such as buying, merchandising, trading, marketing, operations and logistics. Both customer data and engagement data can help drive the right product purchasing designs, ensure marketing is being engaged with and ultimately drive revenue growth. This meaning data collection and insight is incredibly valuable in any business looking to grow.

Almost all eCommerce businesses will have an analytics platform installed onto their website, tracking how visitors arrive to the website and how they behave once on it. The common platforms include Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. There are alternatives of both of these platforms, including GA 360 and Adobe Ultimate.

The Remarkable Commerce platform has integrated with additional reporting tools such as App Dynamics - a powerful tool for monitoring website/application load and alerting of unordinary performance, Content Square - a unique proposition of insight with optimisation/testing functionality, New Relic - powerful architecture and technology testing software and finally HotJar - a user engagement and heat-mapping tracking platform.

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