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Remarkable achieve Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Remarkable achieve Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Published on 2022-11-14 by Gemma Nickerson

As part of our ongoing commitments to our clients and cyber security - Remarkable have been working hard over the last few months to achieve the government backed scheme called Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials is overseen by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), this scheme is designed to help organisations protect themselves against online threats and provides a clear statement of the basic controls needed to protect themselves.  

Globally 30,000 websites are hacked daily and in 2021 there were 22 billion breached records (techjury). Cyber-attacks can come in many forms and are a primary concern for many businesses, particularly as they can lead to devastating consequences like lost revenue and brand damage. 

This is why cyber security is so important. For Remarkable Commerce, gaining the accreditation is just further enhancing all the other methods we already employ to help keep our client's website and data secure and safe. 

How Remarkable helps keep your website safe and secure?

  • Cost effective SaaS platforms like Remarkable can handle large order volumes, surges in traffic and some advanced capabilities like drop shipping. The architecture required for this ensures platforms are robust and more difficult and do have some drawbacks when it comes to security or attacks to be successful.

  • The modularity of a SaaS allows for retailers to decide which elements of their eCommerce operation are included and which are managed in separate systems, like fulfilment, order processing, customer management, product information management, and more. This separation ensures any potential attack can be isolated and smaller areas of a site can be accessed at a time. 

  • The cyber essentials accreditation further showcases our commitment to cyber security and gives clients peace of mind.

In comparison to others...

One real benefit of using a bespoke eCommerce platform is that it can be tailor made to fit in with your exact requirements and setup. This will ensure you remain in complete control of your entire eCommerce infrastructure and the security of it all.

Both Magento and Shopify Plus are hugely successful off the shelf eCommerce platforms that power many successful retailers across the world. However there types of platforms, although readily available are not suited to everyone, especially those concerned with security and data safety.

Magento 1 support was announced as ‘end of life’ and is no longer fully supported as an eCommerce platform by their new owners Adobe. If you have Magento 1 solution - you are still transactional and live but will not receive the same benefits. For example, you are no longer PCI-DSS compliant and will not receive security patch updates which makes your site more prone to attacks and hacking. 

Achieving this prestigious Cyber Essentials accreditation clearly shows a strong commitment to safeguarding our client's data to minimise the risk of any future cyber-attacks.