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Published on 22/12/2018 by Bradlie Houldsworth

Since the year 1999, we have been delivering successful eCommerce software and technology to our clients and partners around the world. The Remarkable Commerce product set is designed to scale with you, whatever the size of your business.

In the early days, we honed our reputation building complex and advanced functionality for many SMEs who saw continuous and consistent double-digit revenue growth. From building custom software platforms and integrating hundreds of third-party systems, we discovered the power of headless integrations and realised the full scope of our in-house technologies.

As a result, in 2019 we are proud to officially announce Remarkable Commerce, our suite of eCommerce tools made for online success.

  • The Remarkable Commerce Platform has powered over 10 million transactions and has been the foundation of many successful clients websites. Remarkable Commerce already sits behind many of the UK’s largest retailers, combining the speed and affordability of SaaS with the flexibility of hosted solutions. Click here for more info…
  • The Remarkable Commerce Manager sits on top of any eCommerce platform and grants the ultimate control required by marketing and merchandising teams. This allows retailers to merchandise their web store and harnesses the perfect blend of machine learning and human control functionality. Click here for more info…
  • The Remarkable Commerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an enterprise warehouse management suite for processing and handling stock and warehouse processes at scale. Our Warehouse Management System can be implemented regardless of the eCommerce technology stack in place, to improve warehouse efficiency, process and capacity. Click here for more info…

Remarkable Commerce Platform

The Remarkable Commerce Platform isn’t your off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all eCommerce platform. After 20 years of delivering success for our clients, we have distilled and fused our expertise into a brand new approach; our eCommerce platform is a cutting-edge approach to eCommerce that is being continuously innovated by Remarkable.

Our customers have been at the forefront of its evolution, allowing us to learn valuable insight from a wide variety of retail industries and different sizes of businesses. It is this unique position that has allowed us to mould our eCommerce platform to be SaaS (software-as-a-service). The Remarkable Commerce Platform delivers enterprise commerce capability incorporating the latest PIM, DAM, MDM technologies and more along with our agile support programmes that enable each client to achieve outstanding results online.

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Remarkable Commerce Manager

The Remarkable Commerce Manager is the UK’s first eCommerce transformation tool that gives back full control to the retailer. It is a suite of revolutionary tools that can be added to any transactional website as a plugin, which will lead your online business to rapid growth. In essence, our eCommerce Manager is not only a merchandising tool, but in fact, the ultimate Manager containing five powerful tools for marketing and merchandising teams.

By using the Remarkable Commerce Manager, you can drive the core elements behind any commerce website including navigation/menu areas, homepage design, site search performance and category lists.

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Remarkable Commerce Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Remarkable Commerce Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an enterprise warehouse management platform that is the engine behind over 1 million transactions each month for our clients. Our WMS includes all of the tools required to automate your warehouse and enable accelerated efficiency.

As an online warehouse management system, our WMS combines our own unique approach to handheld scanning alongside an intuitive cloud-based architecture, delivering a powerful, scalable and fully agile platform.

Retailers who use the Remarkable Commerce WMS are not only seeing boosts in productivity, cost reductions and shortened order fulfilment times, but also see agile changes to their installation, with tailored development and reports completed and released within turn-around times often less than 1 day.

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