Online Fashion Shoppers dominated 2014

Online Fashion Shoppers dominated 2014

Published on 2015-01-08 by Brad Houldsworth

“70% of UK internet shoppers bought clothing and footwear during 2014.”

Online sales within the UK exceeded £100 billion in 2014 and 70% bought clothing and footwear online. This figure is set to grow dramatically in the future, with overall online retail sales expected to double in Europe to £259 billion by 2019 (according to market research firm Mintel).

Incredibly, 70% of over 25-35 year olds access the internet every day, in the UK. This total has increased by 21 million since 2006, meaning any retailer that isn’t selling online is incredibly restricting their overall sales performance.

Here are 3 facts which you may not know about UK online shoppers:

  • Along with Italy and Germany, Europe’s largest fashion market is the UK.

  • Clothing was the most popular purchase online last year in the UK.

  • The UK fashion industry is worth an estimated £44.5 billion.

Consumers are also learning and acting accordingly online to larger sales periods, plus with sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday becoming stronger year on year, UK online shoppers will rely upon retailers and brands much more in 2015 for the best deals and offers.

For the average UK adult, they spend over 8 hours per day on a media device (nearly the same amount of time the average UK sleeps per night!). It is now essential for all retailers and brands to establish their best online presence, as soon and as fast as possible, to guarantee Remarkable online success.

“Nearly 30% of online sales in the UK were made via a tablet last year”

A “good online presence” is not just a basic functioning website anymore. Nearly 30% of online sales in the UK were made via a tablet last year, therefore a website which displays well on smaller screens such as tablets and mobiles is imperative. Mobile optimisation has been focused on excessively over the last few years, but is now seen as a hindrance to any brand which does not have a great mobile website. are a bespoke eCommerce technology team, who provide leading design, expert development and specialist marketing solutions for medium-large scale retailers. If your eCommerce website isn’t ready for 2015, email Mark West at or give him a call on 0800 222 9845.