The eCommerce Catch-Up – How the pandemic is affecting commerce

The eCommerce Catch-Up – How the pandemic is affecting commerce

Published on 2020-04-16 by Remarkable Commerce Marketing Team

Episode 10 of our ‘eCommerce Catch-Up’ sees a slightly different set-up in order to stay safe during the Covid-19 lockdown. This episode includes Rob Gould (Marketing Executive), Polly Oakes (Product Marketing Assistant) and Ben Archer (Digital Marketing Manager) providing you with our monthly retail news round-up for April. In this episode, the team discuss the following:

  • Latest retail industry news

  • Latest marketing tech news and advice

  • Remarkable Commerce’s big award

  • And more!

Check out what they had to say by either clicking on the video or reading the full transcript below!

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Rob: Hello and welcome to the ‘eCom Catch-Up’ for March 2020. This is going to be a different one to what you’re used to seeing as we’re going to cover three different people from three different locations. As you can see I’m in my recording studio/game room/spare bedroom, but after I give you this nice little intro we’re gonna hear from Polly, who’s got some industry news, then we’re going to go to Ben who has some marketing tech and then back to me for some agency news and then we will wrap it up. So, Polly over to you.

Polly: Thanks Rob. So, as you all know the entire world it going through something we’ve never seen before and along with that, the retail and e-commerce industries are having to adapt. Because of Covid-19, a handful of our clients have had to temporarily shut down their websites, whereas others are persevering and are going to be continuing trading for as long as possible. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as we believe that this will have a long-term positive impact for retailers, post pandemic, especially when a lot of them are heavily relying on the brick-and-mortar stores to bring in the revenue. But normal service resumes, many retailers will be introducing innovative and new tack into the high street. Black Friday will be getting a shock to its system though as many retailers will soon be announcing heavily discounted trading activity in order to recuperate some of those more sales and revenue. Our recommendation is to stay active online for as long as possible but please just make sure are you doing so safely. So, that’s all from me, let me pass you on to Ben, who’s going to give you some Covid marketing based advice.

Ben: You can use the downtime Covid may be causing your business in a positive way, to help ensure when you come out the other side, your marketing campaigns will flourish. Your primary concern is to push brand awareness to ensure your audience knows you are still there. This can be done by the social channel, by interacting and engaging with your customers and also by producing content to keep in touch with them. Creating a low-cost plan for reaching customers at every point of the social media fund is key. From a PPC perspective you need to cut your waste campaigns, this will likely be done by pulling back on anything generic and focusing on brand and retargeting but also any campaigns that have converted well over the last month or two will be worth keeping. With this additional time, you need to focus on projects that you haven’t had time for over the last year or two. This generally tends to be website user experience, content and backlinks or even a PR strategy. Now, these are all areas of marketing that you can work on now or at launch when we’re at the back of this. From an organic perspective the SERPs are completely up in the air as traffic has dropped massively for non central businesses but essential businesses are flagging. The latter will naturally flourish whilst the non-essential businesses will need to prioritise top to mid fund content i.e not selling their products but educating, helping and answering questions that your audience and customers may have, so, focus content around these areas. It’s also a good time to focus on your technical SEO erm, if you have any migrations that are outstanding whilst we’ve got low traffic, now’s the best possible time to do these. So, now t’s over to Rob for news from Remarkable Commerce

Rob: So, obviously Covid 19 is having a massive impact everywhere around the world. We’re lucky here at Remarkable Commerce that we can work from home and we can provide great support and dev work and advice and everything we did normally from the safety of our home. Now one thing we have introduced is our daily meetings, these are done online over voice chat, it’s so that each client team and each project team can all get together and make sure that we continue that good communication that we all have together when we’re working in the same office. So, even though we are scattered in several offices right across the Midlands, everything is working as it always has and we can provide our clients with all the help and support they need as normal. And also, we won an award. So, at the ‘Northern Dev Awards’ we won ‘Retail Dev Team of the Year’ – you can read all about that over at our blog at Remarkable Commerce. So, that’s it for this month’s ‘eCommerce Catch Up’, let me know what you think of all these topics in the comments below, you can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been Rob, I’ll see you next time.