The eCommerce Catch-Up – Episode 9

The eCommerce Catch-Up – Episode 9

Published on 2020-03-23 by Remarkable Commerce Marketing Team

Episode 9 of our ‘eCommerce Catch-Up’ is hosted by our ‘Marketing Executive’, Rob Gould, who provides you with our monthly retail news round-up for March. In this episode, Rob discusses the following:

  • Twitter ‘Fleets’

  • Youtube Metrics

  • Hand Sanitiser & Corona Virus

  • Fake Reviews

  • And more!

Check out what they had to say by either clicking on the video or reading the full transcript below!

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Hey, I’m Rob, I’m the ‘Marketing Executive’ at Remarkable Commerce and this is the ninth episode of the e-commerce catch-up series, where we’re going to be talking about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and loyalty cards among other things, so let’s go!

Twitter ‘Fleets’

So, the first story here is that Twitter are adding stories or ‘fleets’ as they call them because it is just a fleeting thing that you’re posting – Twitter’s gonna come in a little story above your profile just like stories do on Facebook and Instagram. This is available in Brazil at the moment, the response is as you can imagine, negative, when everything changes online especially with social media platforms. The response is negative with #RIPTwitter trending worldwide. But there are some positives you could take out of this. You can look at Facebook and Instagram, see how people have used stories before, try and get some brand trust, you know,  get that, sort of, relatable brand message across and people will probably see your brand more as something they can relate to and hopefully go on to make a purchase. 

Youtube Metrics

So, YouTube, they have added quite a new feature now, you can now compare metrics side to side, there’s 46  different metrics you can pick from, you can compare them and see how they can affect your channel. For example on my personal channel which I have a home, I realised that, very quickly I realised that the more videos are released in a short space of time, the more subscribers are lost or I didn’t gain as many subscribers because I was releasing it too many videos, I guess, so, that’s something I could do for my channel or something I’ve learnt about my channel and hopefully you’ll be able to find some things you learn about your channel because there’s lots so you can look at,  it’s not just subscribers and stuff, there’s also all the revenue side of things, there’s the end cards and end screens and so there’s loads of metrics to look at. So, if you have a YouTube channel for your business, quite simply use it as any other analytics tool, you can compare and adapt to the data you’re seeing. 

Facebook Fact-Checking

So, now we go over to Facebook where they are now fact-checking some of the posts that are being made online, this is of course to try and stop the spread of bad news which has been rampant over the last few years, now what happens is if somebody has posted something that is related to something that’s been checked by independent fact checkers, there’ll be a pop-up that says ‘partially false information checked by independent fat checkers’ and it’s obviously causing political issues with the political parties saying that, you know, one social media platform favors the other party and stuff like that, but that’s okay, that doesn’t really affect us, all we can do as eCommerce people is, you know, make sure that everything we post is well researched, honest and true. 

Hand Sanitiser & Corona Virus

Now, hand sanitiser sales have increased by two hundred and fifty five percent in the wake of the corona virus. The best thing of course about hand sanitiser is it’s cheap and convenient of 49 pence a bottle, although there has been some 49p bottles from Lidl being sold for £40 on Amazon as there is a bit of a scare about the shortage of antibacterial products that could be coming to the UK. Now, Amazon themselves have removed over one million overpriced or fake corona virus protection items from their site which is great, which also leads into our next segment which is about fake reviews costing people billions. 

Fake Reviews

So, I have some stats here that I’m gonna read out. These are from ‘Trust Pilot’, obviously a very trustworthy review site, so, we have $125 wasted per person in the U.S. due to inaccurate reviews, twenty five billion wasted last year on the U.S. on bad reviews, 89% of global users check reviews before purchasing which is quite interesting, that’s quite high, I’m one of those 89% myself, 49% believe companies create fake reviews, so, there’s that, 72% are less inclined to trust the five-star reviews, this is, sort of that thing where they think that all five star reviews must be fake or must be created by the creator of each sites themselves, 67% would trust someone that made a mistake and respond quickly rather than a company who claims to have never made a mistake. Of course, the things we can do with our eCommerce sites is just be open and honest, if somebody leaves a negative review make sure people can read that review and also address it – how did you correct that review? Now, what we do at ‘Remarkable’ is any review that we have must come from somebody who has made a purchase, so, all the reviews have to be true – the ones that you read they must be true because they must have come from a confirmed purchase.

Privilege Cards

… And finally Greg’s and McDonald’s are now giving privilege cards. Stormzy is the first recipient of the Greg’s ‘Black Card’ which gives you special pasty privileges, whatever they are, sadly it’s invite-only, so you need to be a quite a big superstar in order to get one of these, but hey, if you’re not a big mega star you could just walk in and get your Gregg’s reward card, there’s one right there on the counter, it’s not quite the same obviously, but you know, it’s close enough. This is of course related to ‘Nando’s’ who have had a suspected ‘Nando’s Black Card’ for a while, which include people like Ed Sheeran, David Beckham and Pixie Lott as their holders. But one you can get or you can possibly get is a ‘McDonald’s Gold Card’ which gives you free food for a year, now, this is only through playing the Monopoly game which has been popular for as long as I can remember and if you collect the right tokens and add them to the card you could be one of only 1,000 people to own a ‘McDonald’s Gold Card’. So, what does this mean for your eCommerce business? Well, obviously loyalty cards and reward points, they still work really well, here at ‘Remarkable Commerce’ we’ve made some for ‘Miss Awesome’ for example, who give a progressively larger discount for the more purchases a customer makes and that’s worked to great success, but also, if you can do something a bit different just like ‘Gregg’s’ has here, you can get your, and ‘McDonald’s’ for example, it can get you some mainstream media attention.

That is it for this eCommerce catch-up, let me know what you think of all these topics in the comments below and if you have a Nando’s ‘Black Card’ give me a call, we could go for lunch, you’re paying. So, you can find this on ‘Facebook’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’. I’m Rob from ‘Remarkable Commerce’ and I’ll see you next time.