Re-launch of Yours Clothing Online

Re-launch of Yours Clothing Online

Published on 2015-11-19 by Brad Houldsworth

Over the last 6 years, Yours Clothing have beautifully transformed into one of the UK’s largest plus-size retailers with ever expanding trends, styles and product ranges. With a dedicated mobile site launch in 2014 and various International domains launching over the last two years, the Yours’ UK site was in need of a refresh.

Every page interaction carefully reconsidered and redesigned.

Remarkable Commerce redesigned the Yours desktop site early in 2015, pushing it onto the US domain around 6 weeks ago. This strategy allowed any issues which arose to be ironed out before migrating & updating the old UK platform.

The new site features many new on-site upgrades as well as every page type and page interaction carefully reconsidered and redesigned. The new Yours Clothing desktop site is also a fully responsive design, changing the sizing and positioning of page elements dependant upon customers screen size.

The project was led by Remarkable Commerce Development Director Ben Brown and the full team being Steve Cart, Aaron Layton, Andrew Beniston, Will Gilberthorpe, Trevor Dennett-Thorpe, Lee Smith, Tammy Lewis and Mark Hilton. The site was published on 14th May, 2015. Ben commented on the launch with –

“We did a staggered launch on 8 servers over 3 days. We had 6 staff working on it all day and evening for around a week but it was a successful relaunch of a high turnover site and we are very happy with the way it has gone.”