Coronavirus / COVID-19

Update from CEO Mark West

Hi All

I hope you and your families are staying safe and well during this challenging time. None of us have ever experienced anything like COVID-19 before, but I am sure that by communicating and working closely together, we will get through this.

I wanted to provide a further update on Remarkable’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

We are committed to continuing to deliver 100% of our eCommerce services as normal to our clients, even though our staff are working from home, as per Government guidance.

All of our dedicated teams continue to be on hand to provide strategic advice and website support during regular hours between 9am-5:30pm, weekdays and of course out of hours support will continue as it always has.

If you need us, please call 0800 222 9845

Email: or 0333 939 8584 out of hours.