Top 5 reasons for investing in Email Marketing

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When it comes to connecting with customers, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how they connect with a brand and what “good” performance looks like. What content do they expect, what drives a customer to purchase, how do I increase click-thru-rates; these are all questions many small and large retailers ask regularly.

Email marketing offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities that allow brands to target their audiences and collect valuable data. Customers appreciate campaigns that are planned and personalised to suit their demographic, so that they are reminded of why they signed up to the newsletter and expect consistency in the content they receive. Email Marketing excels in achieving high return on investment by sending highly relevant content to a targeted audience, the results are guaranteed to be positive.

So what are the reasons to invest in Email Marketing?

Effective Promotion

Firstly, email marketing is an extremely effective way to inform people about on-site promotions. Seasonal sales are ideal times to send out compelling campaigns containing eye catching banners that encourage users to click through. Results can be analysed to determine the campaigns success and the elements that worked well. Brands aim to keep their customers up to date on all the latest news and arrivals to the site. Promoting new ranges and products give customers an inside look that feels exclusive and special.

Developing a target audience

Everyone has an email address, meaning anyone can opt in to receive communications from a brand. A sign up form can be designed to have several fields that will provide a mailing list with data about each individual customer. With information collected from mailing lists, a brand can gain a wider understanding of the demographic of their audience. The overall look of an email can be tailored around the audience’s gender, location and date they joined the mailing list. A brand that demonstrates understanding of their audience are likely to gain new subscribers and build loyalty.

Results are easy to track

Another benefit of email marketing and perhaps the most important is that performance is easy to track and measure. The majority of email service providers offer useful reporting tools that provide insight into the performance of email campaigns, this makes it a lot easier to understand how customers are engaging with your communication, key metrics may indicate issues with the design or functionality, or highlight products with particularly high interest from your audience. Adding tracking to the email code also allows data to be accessible in Google Analytics, allowing your agency or company to easily see email performance over a period of time and see which campaigns performed best.

Results minutes from dispatch

A brand will begin seeing results from email marketing minutes after sending out a campaign. This again links with the opportunity to inform customers of the latest news and updates on the site. If a sale was to begin for a week, customers can be updated daily with the amount of time they have left to use the promotion, creating a sense of urgency that will result in higher clicks and conversions. Sending a campaign focused on a promotion gives it extra exposure and will bring customers to the site immediately Instead of relying on organic traffic alone.

A low-cost marketing method

There are a range of email service providers available to suit all budgets, however email is typically a low cost method of marketing. Cost can be based around the amount of emails a brand wishes to send or just around the size of a mailing list. Paying for a monthly subscription or agreed bundle means there are no extra costs meaning a brand can comfortably and consistently communicate with their audience. With content optimised for the audience and an defined regular dispatch time, high return can be generated. The average cost for sending an email to a customer can be anywhere between being free & £0.05 per send.

A service that delivers

At, we provide an Email marketing service that consider a client’s brand, their audience and target customer and a strategy that can be developed to achieve the best results. We achieve this through close communication between the agency and the client. Our in house marketing team use client requirements to develop strategies and campaigns that will perform well and produce the highest ROI available.

With the support of our in-house design/UX team, we create email layouts that look great when received in any email provider, using the many years of experience we have of designing templates & strategies gives us expert insight into what customers engage with the best. Incorporating graphics, key marketing messages, branding and HTML coding, we provide our clients with emails that match the overall look and feel of their site. Over the last number of years Remarkable have used a number of lower, medium and higher tier ESP’s (Email Service Providers) to develop powerful strategy techniques, using solid technology to achieve high inbox placement and industry-leading click through rates.

The strategy techniques that Remarkable have developed ensure a brand is memorable, is engaged with and help build brand awareness, launching numerous recurring and triggered campaigns such as Happy Birthday emails, New Customer Welcome journeys or even automated in-store customer receipt emails.

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