Awake Course

The Awake Course

Awake translates the science behind our understanding of the impairment caused by tiredness and fatigue into practical strategies to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

The Awake project was created by Dr Louise Reyner who is Research Manager at Loughborough Sleep Research Centre, where she is responsible for applied areas of sleep research.

Louise is also a Senior Lecturer in Human Neuroscience, at Loughborough University.

Awake employs academics, industrial consultants and ex-police officers, giving us a well-rounded understanding and approach to the issues of impairment at work and on the road.

How we helped our client

The team at Awake approached Remarkable in 2014 to develop a new interactive e-learning course for sleep awareness for their client DHL. The course is used by DHL pilots throughout the world to raise awareness about tiredness and fatigue.

Before we started to work on the course another agency had developed a previous version using Adobe Flash as for many years this was the most commonly used web technology for developing visual interactive course material.

Unfortunately a primary requirement from DHL was for pilots to be able to take the course using iPads and Flash as a technology will not work on Apple devices due to long standing security and other problems.

So our team approached the project from scratch and rebuilt every module, screen and transition by hand using the latest web technologies such as JQuery. The impact and interactivity all work as they did and no visual animations were lost as we were still able to create the effects using modern code techniques. The final redeveloped course now works seamlessly across iPads and any other device and is extensively used by DHL.

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