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how to-increase-repeat-purchase-rate

How to increase repeat purchase rate

Here we discuss top tips on how you can encourage loyalty and repeat purchases from consumers going into the new year.

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After the highs of Black Friday and Christmas sales - it can be hard at the start of the new year to keep the sales momentum flowing. Tackling how to get consumers repeat buying and encourage loyalty should be high on the priority list.

Boosting your repeat purchase rate is a pivotal goal for eCommerce retailers, especially for those retailers who are in a crowded market.

Here are our top three innovative ideas you can use, to improve your customer purchase rate and convert one-time customers into loyal brand lovers.

How to increase repeat purchase rate

Subscription-Based Models with Customisation:

Idea: Introduce subscription services that go beyond the typical product replenishment model. Allow customers to customise their subscription packages based on their preferences, needs, or usage patterns.

Benefits: This not only encourages repeat purchases but also creates a more personalised and engaging experience for customers. It taps into the convenience of subscription models while giving customers the flexibility to curate their ongoing orders.

Gamification of Loyalty Programs:

Idea: Infuse an element of gamification into your loyalty program. Create challenges, quests, or point-based competitions that customers can participate in to earn rewards and discounts.

Benefits: Gamification adds an element of fun and competition, fostering a sense of community among your customers. It keeps them engaged with your brand and motivates them to make repeat purchases to unlock new levels or achieve specific milestones.

Interactive Content and Personalised Product Discovery:

Idea: Implement interactive content on your website or app, such as quizzes, product finders, or augmented reality (AR) experiences. Use customer responses and behavior to dynamically recommend products tailored to their preferences.

Benefits: Interactive content not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also helps customers discover new products they might love. By providing a unique and personalized discovery journey, you can entice customers to make repeat purchases to explore and try out different offerings.

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