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Emarsys Email Marketing Integration

Emarsys empowers marketers around the world to create truly personalised omnichannel experiences that deliver business outcomes.

Grow online, mobile, and store sales by engaging with shoppers wherever they are. The Emarsys single, integrated platform allows marketers to execute based on a complete view of customer, business, and marketing performance.


Email Marketing Platform

Key Features:

Unify your customer, product, and sales data Access the limitless possibilities of fully integrated data. Our Integrated Data Layer unifies customer behaviour, purchase, inventory, SKU, and sales data to create a single customer view. This fuels our Personalisation Engine to quickly deliver true 1:1 personalisation at scale.

Maximize ROI with AI-powered marketing automations Grow a database of engaged, high-value customers and dramatically improve time to value with pre-built, AI-powered marketing automations. From abandoned cart to customer churn, Emarsys identifies key growth opportunities and helps you capitalize on them fast, with easy-to-use strategies that can be executed in a single click.

See the revenue impact of marketing campaigns Confidently demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts on key business outcomes. Emarsys helps marketers get a focused line of sight into revenue performance, customer acquisition, purchase frequency, average order value, first purchase, store sales, retention, loyalty, and more – all from a single platform.