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Ometria Email Marketing Integration

Ometria helps retailers create marketing experiences their customers will love. The Ometria solution was built with a focus on unifying, understanding and actioning customer data.

Our AI-powered intelligence layer supports marketers in scaling personalized experiences across all channels. Our solution is custom-built to meet the needs of retail marketers.

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Key Features:

Get campaigns to market faster The quicker your campaigns are live, the faster they can deliver results for you. Set your CRM strategy live sooner with the same resources by putting the right data, AI-powered insights, and power into the hands of your team.

Deliver next generation experiences

Create relevant, personalized touchpoints at an individual customer level, delivered in the right place, at the right time. Scale great experiences with confidence and ease across all your channels from one place.

Unlock opportunities for growth at every touchpoint Ometria gives CRM teams the ability and certainty to reach their growth goals, enabled by a suite of AI-powered analysis, testing, and orchestration capabilities, as well as a team of retail experts.